My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 167

Chapter 167: A Man That Makes Others Screech

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The morning light shone on him, painting the handsome face that practically made others want to screech in awe with a faint layer of gold.

The classroom, which was originally still clamorous, instantly became pin-drop silent.

The man stood by the rostrum, side by side with Zhong Nuannuan. His gaze swept freely across the classroom with dark eyes as deep as the vast sea. This intense stare gave off an unmatchable coldness and pressure.

Finally, the man’s eyes fell on the first two seats in the front row.

Where had Wu Wenqian ever seen such a dazzling yet frightening man?

As he glanced over by her quickly, her whole face instantly turned red.

In her mind, this was the ideal man a tall and stern adonis of abstinence!

Not to mention, he looked like the male lead from Four Moons* (TN: the author is referencing the Mexican drama, Four Moons) at such a young age. He literally had a director-general level figure! It was a persona that was practically the same as the male lead from TV shows, and some would say that he was even more domineering and handsome than that!

“Were you the one who claimed Nuannuan was a murderer just now?” Chi Yang asked.

Wu Wenqian was still starry-eyed with infatuation, unable to recover from her initial shock. Facing Chi Yang’s question, her brain instantly crashed and she could not help but ask shyly.

“You… who are you?”

“I am Zhong Nuannuan’s fiance.”


A basin of cold water was poured over her head. Wu Wenqian felt as if her heart had been bitten ruthlessly by a cold viper as her face went pale.

“For what reason did you proclaim that Nuannuan is a murderer? Didn’t the school show you the court’s decision?”

Chi Yang’s aura was fully unleashed, the coldness emitting freely from head to toe. The temperature of the entire classroom dropped a few degrees.

The invisible force made Li Shanshan, who was sitting beside her tremble, let alone Wu Wenqian.


Finally, unable to withstand the pressure, Wu Wenqian fell back into her chair, her face as pale as a ghost, not daring to say a word.

“Chi Yang, I was looking everywhere for you, but it seems you’ve already walked in yourself!”

As he said this, Zhong Kuijun walked into the classroom accompanied by the Jia Yong chairman and six vice-chairmen.

“Chairman Li, this is my daughter Zhong Nuannuan’s fiance, Chi Yang.”

Before Zhong Kuijun could even manage to introduce Chi Yang, Chairman Li had walked in front of the latter with a beaming smile, warmly extending his hand toward Chi Yang.

“Director-general Chi, hello, I’m Li Weimin, chairman of Jiayong. I’m glad to meet you.”

Chi Yang would normally never reach out to shake hands with a person like Li Weimin, as he disliked physical touch.

However, seeing as how this person was the chairman of his Nuannuan’s school, Chi Yang reluctantly extended his hand to shake it.


Chairman Li smiled brilliantly.

“Seeing that Chairman Li just so happens to be here, please explain Nuannuan’s treatment to me.”

When everyone saw that Chi Yang was not going to show any mercy, their hearts sunk and their expressions changed.

The sixth vice-chairman, who was the principal of Jiayong, hurriedly walked over. “Director-general Chi, did something unpleasant happen?”

“Everyone repeatedly promised me before this that Nuannuan would have a proper name at school. We came for an unexpected visit today, just to see if Nuannuan was being bullied at school. Just as I had just come over, I heard these two people saying that Nuannuan was a murderer, right in front of their classmates, and that she should be expelled from school. Does the school ever place emphasis on developing students’ characters?”

Before Chi Yang finished speaking, Wu Wenqian gave him a pleading look, begging him not to talk ill of them in front of the school directors. As a result, Chi Yang not only spoke ill of them, but went one step further and berated the school.