My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Chi Yang Is My Boyfriend

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The faces of Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan could no longer be described as pale. As they looked back at the faces of the principal and school directors, they felt as though their whole world had collapsed.

“Ms. Liu, just what is going on? The school has already announced Zhong Nuannuan as a student during the morning assembly a week ago. After that, didn’t the homeroom teacher of each class notify the students about this matter three or five times throughout classes? Why did such a situation still occur?” The principal looked at the head teacher angrily.

Teacher Liu was also depressed. She had just been slammed by his student, and now she was being scolded by the principal. Thus, he did not plan to protect the student anymore and replied, “Principal, I don’t think I can manage these two students anymore!”

“I’ve nagged them seven to nine times let alone three to five times, but there are some students whose mentality is just twisted and simply will not tolerate Zhong Nuannuan. Not only did she say she is a murderer, she also said that Zhong Nuannuan was a contemptuous existence for the Zhong family.

“I told them not to speak such nonsense, otherwise they would have to stand on the rostrum for the entire class. Nevertheless, the two became more brazen and immediately stood up to express their opposition, announcing that even if they had to stand for the rest of the class, they would still speak their mind.

“Headmaster, these two are scholarship students. They were the top 1 and top 2 students during their high school entrance examination. I suspect that it is because of this that their ego and arrogance are out of control. I feel that I’m completely incapable of managing these 2 students anymore.”

Chi Yang blamed the school, the school blamed the teacher, and the teacher immediately pushed the responsibility onto Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan. Who made it such that these two people would ever make light of her?

“The two of you are too impudent! Not having respect for either the school or the teacher What kind of students are you? If all students were like you, not a school in the country would survive!”

Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan both came from the Wan Province. Farming districts had only emerged in the past decade or so, which centralized the agriculture of the entire country of Camino. In doing so, the rural areas of the previously agricultural as well as less developed states had now joined the urbanization process.

As a once-large-scale state city, it could be said that Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan were golden phoenixes that had emerged from their depths. Having said that, although their results were good, where would they have ever experienced such a situation?

Surrounded by school directors, the headmaster, teacher, Zhong Nuannuan’s parents, and her fiance, and with the other students’ sneering eyes slowly cutting them apart, they felt a sense of total abandonment.

The two soon started crying because they could not stand the pressure.

Seeing that the headmaster’s next sentence was to expel them, Zhong Qianqian stood up at that moment, and with a righteous tone, said, “Headmaster, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan are my roommates. They were intolerable of Zhong Nuannuan because they wanted to uphold fairness toward me. After all… after all, Chi Yang had been introduced as my boyfriend before.”

The voice fell and the whole class was in an uproar.

Although rumors of this matter had circulated before, the man from the legends was actually standing in front of them now, and the students could finally understand why the good sisters would quarrel so awfully because of this man.

“Moreover, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan are both good students with good academic performance and behavior, so I hope the headmaster can give them a chance.”

Zhong Qianqian’s hatred for Zhong Nuannuan had peaked.

It was because of her that she missed Jiang District’s first lady, and at the same time, lost two outstanding men, Aiden and Gu Mingzhe.

Since Zhong Nuannuan was making things difficult for her, she would also give the b*tch tough time. Even if she could not get Chi Yang, she would still embarrass the two of them.

She did not think an imposing man like Chi Yang would ever bother explaining anything to such a large crowd. Therefore, after today, the whole school would know that Zhong Nuannuan, the b*tch, had robbed her of her boyfriend.

As Zhong Quijun was about to scold Zhong Qianqian, Zhong Nuannuan, who was normally always under Chi Yang’s protection and did not have any chance to display her verbal combative skills, finally saw an opportunity to strike.