My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 171

Chapter 171: The Serial Slap

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“Okay, sure, that will be no problem, absolutely no problem!” Chairman Li quickly nodded in reply.

Although he was not able to attend the banquet during the weekend, he had managed to gain some basic information on Chi Yang from Ye Boyan. A man like this, who already held such a high position at only 26 years old, and could casually pay for a Venia haute couture gown worth 7.5 million dollars, was definitely not someone that the chairman of an aristocratic school like him could provoke.

“I’m leaving then, study well in school.”

The man was acting like the King of Hell a moment ago, but when he turned to face Zhong Nuannuan, he instantly turned into a warm winter sun. Although he only spoke a simple sentence, he managed to steal the hearts of all the girls in the classroom.

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

He had previously advised her to pay no heed to the problems in school, and to retaliate if she really could not ignore them. After he had twisted her ear over the issue, he still came in person to check on her. As she looked at the serious expression on the man’s handsome face, Zhong Nuannuan felt a strong urge to rush in and kiss him.

“I’m Nuannuan’s father. Students, please take care of our Nuannuan.”

Zhong Kuijun together with Chi Yang. Although he did not have a part to play, as a father, he still had to show himself and put up a front before he left.

Most of the students nodded in succession. Apparently, this person was Zhong Nuannuan and Zhong Qianqian’s father. Earlier, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan just said that ever since Zhong Nuannuan became a murderer, she was a disgrace to the Zhong Family, and that the Zhong Family did not want to see her now.

However, the genuine outcome was another slap in the face for the two of them.

Exactly which part of Father Zhong’s behavior made it seem as though he did not want to see Zhong Nuanuan?

Father Zhong obviously loved his daughter very much, right?

“Teacher Liu, please take good care of Nuannuan.”

Teacher Liu immediately expressed her determination. “Commander Zhong, please rest assured that I’ll definitely take good care of Nuannuan, and I won’t let today’s events happen again.”

Under the earnest escort of the principal and school directors, Chi Yang and Zhong Kuijun left.

Teacher Liu looked at Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan, then said with a sneer, “You’ve just heard the chairman’s words, if you’re still unsatisfied with the school, you can look for the principal, or simply apply to transfer schools. If there are no objections, please write a comprehensive self-reflection essay and read it aloud during the school assembly next Monday.”

Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan’s expressions were extremely ugly.

At that moment, they felt deeply regretful. If they knew that they would suffer such treatment in Jia Yong, they would have just gone to some other ordinary high school that offered high scholarships back then.

However, because they were unable to withstand their own desires, they came to the aristocratic school they dreamed of, seeking to become a part of the upper class.

Today’s events taught them that no matter how old-fashioned Zhong Nuannuan was, she was still the daughter of a famous aristocrat in Jiang District, and could not be compared to or shaken by poor students from a nothing background like them.

Today, they clearly did nothing wrong. The only thing that was wrong was their family background.

Even after so much punishment, the two of them did not feel a single shred of remorse. On the contrary, a strong feeling of resentment and unwillingness rose from the bottom of their hearts. The idea of hooking up with a good family to move forward in life, and trample all those who had ever bullied them under their feet rose up like never before.

“Nuannuan, quickly go to your seat, don’t worry about them.”

Originally, the students felt very disgruntled at Zhong Nuannuan for landing a third-row seat upon her arrival, but after witnessing the power of Zhong Nuannuan’s fianc, many students started entertaining the idea of becoming friends with her.