My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Young Master Has Arrived

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“Sure.” Zhong Nuannuan readily agreed.

Very soon, Wu Wenqian drafted two contracts, and after Zhong Nuannuan checked them, both parties signed the contracts and held onto one copy each.

Even so, Li Shanshan secretly frowned at Wu Wenqian’s cockiness. She felt slightly peeved at Wu Wenqian for dragging her into the matter.

Her sixth sense had always been very strong, and she felt that Zhong Nuannuan was acting a bit strange…

Zhong Qianqian also returned to the classroom at this time.

When she stepped into the classroom, Zhong Qianqian felt the eyes of all her classmates transfixed on her. Although she did not apologize on the spot, her classmates were not fools, and they were looking at her with a hint of disgust.

Zhong Qianqian’s heart was filled with hatred, but there was nothing she could do to Zhong Nuannuan.

When she heard about the gambling contract between Zhong Nuannuan and Wu Wenqian, the churning anger in her heart slightly subsided. She already could not wait to see Zhong Nuannuan defeated.

After all this was done, Zhong Nuannuan could not be bothered to attend to these scums and turned to walk coolly toward the last seat in the last row.


Teacher Liu wanted to say that that seat was occupied, but when she thought back to how the person had never attended school for a long time, she decided against it.

It was no big deal as she could just ask someone to drag another set of tables and chairs to the back row after the morning self-study session

When Zhong Qianqian saw Zhong Nuannuan go straight to the last seat, her lips could not help but raise into a vicious smile.

That person came to school yesterday, and she had overheard that person tell Guo Junhao yesterday that he would come during the morning self-study session. If he arrived and saw his own seat occupied, it would be fun.

“Okay, everyone should start their morning self-study, time is running out. All of you should cherish every day spent in school, study hard and take your exams seriously. This is despite the fact that some students are from well-off families, and can study abroad just for show despite having bad exam results, then come back to take over the family business. However, as our society develops, even if you become a CEO in the future, you should still have enough knowledge to support the kingdom under your command.

“This is because this is no longer an era where you can become a pillar of society by just possessing a primary school diploma and having the will to work hard. Knowledge doesn’t only determine the fate of every poor student; it also decides the fate of every noble one.”

The students were immersed in their revision as Teacher Liu kept walking around while nagging, instilling in students the notion that money could not make them powerful forever, which made the students scratch their ears continuously. Speeches like this were repeated in every class by every teacher.

Everyone was revising properly except for Zhong Qianqian, who kept looking out the door.

Finally, in her earnest anticipation, she spotted a slender figure appear at the entrance. His butler followed behind him as always.

“Teacher, my young master has come for class! My young master says that he will study properly during this time, so I hope that you can take good care of my young master.”

The butler walked behind the man and spoke enthusiastically to the teacher.

However, when Teacher Liu saw this young master, her expression turned fearful.

She only knew that this young master came from Emperor District, and had a very impressive family background. More than a year after he had transferred to Jia Yong, all the students who clashed with this young master had already gone bankrupt. The school’s chairman had specially informed the teachers not to interfere too much in this person’s business as well.

Not to mention, this young master had always been bad-tempered.