My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Scram

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He requested the school to arrange for him to be in the last row alone, and did not allow anyone to sit at the same table with him, nor sit in his seat. This was because he had serious germaphobia.

Previously, a girl in class deliberately took the last place in class because she liked him, and then ran to sit next to him. As a result, the girl was instantly kicked away by this young master, and one of her ribs was broken.

After she was discharged from the hospital, the girl still did not give up and continued to pursue him after she returned to school. She even used her family connections to track him down and eavesdrop on his phone calls, hoping to get close to him by invading his privacy.

The girl’s father was originally a commissioner in Jiang District, and her mother’s family also had a very well-known family business in the area. However, after being discovered by this young master, the girl’s father was exposed for accepting bribes, and her mother’s family business also collapsed overnight.

That girl was extremely regretful and ran to the young master’s house to kneel and beg for forgiveness, but she ended up getting beaten by the young master’s staff. Eventually, this girl could only drop out and study at another school as she lived the life of a poor person from then on.

Since then, nobody dared to even touch a hair on this young master’s head.

Teacher Liu did not dare to imagine what kind of fight would ensue between this young master and Zhong Nuannuan if he kicked her.

This young master’s name was Leng Qirui, but the only thing people knew was that his mother was from a second-rate aristocratic family in Emperor District. Nobody had a clue about what industry his father’s family was involved in.

After she saw Leng Qirui walk toward Zhong Nuannuan with a dark expression after he entered the classroom, Teacher Liu was so scared that her heart almost leapt into her throat. She did not stop Zhong Nuannuan when she had taken that seat earlier, so if the two of them tore each other to pieces over this issue, a small class teacher like her would be destroyed in the backlash!

Teacher Liu hastily chased after Leng Qirui while explaining, “Young Master Leng, I’m sorry, your classmate Zhong Nuannuan just came to school today and she doesn’t know your rules. I’ll ask someone to arrange another seat for Zhong Nuannuan immediately, so please don’t be angry!”

She was about to stop Leng Qirui, but when the latter walked past Zhong Qianqian, her book fell off her desk, and she suddenly bent her head down.

Leng Qirui leaned sideways and continued to walk to the back of the class, but Teacher Liu was stopped by Zhong Qianqian’s outstretched head.

As Leng Qirui walked toward herself with murderous intent, Zhong Nuannuan, after sensing death in the air, finally looked up.


‘Wasn’t this the innocent little boy that I saved last night? It turns out that we’re classmates!

‘He was still blushing when I talked to him last night. Why is it that after just one night, this innocent little boy has turned into a devil?’

While Zhong Nuannuan was still dumbfounded, Leng Qirui approached her and landed his bag heavily onto her study desk with a loud bang. The impact of the force caused the new books from Year 1 to 3, that Zhong Nuannuan had only just received, to fall to the ground.


As she looked at the books all over the floor, Zhong Nuannuan was shocked!

“This classmate You’re currently sitting on our young master’s seat, please get up and pack your belongings. After that, wipe the table and chairs clean and give a 90-degree bow to our young master as an apology. After all, our young master is not an unreasonable person.”

The butler wore an orange British-style suit and orange glasses. His expression was extremely arrogant and filled with disdain for Zhong Nuannuan.