My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Oh My Goodness So Handsome

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Teacher Liu had arrived at Zhong Nuannuan’s side, but at this moment, she did not dare to say a word.

Most of the students looked at Zhong Nuannuan worriedly, except for a few people, who had a gloating expression on their faces.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at the arrogant and snobbish butler, and frowned slightly. She could not understand why Uncle Leng would hire such an unreliable butler for his own son.

“What are you looking at? Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what I just said? Right now, immediately, at this moment, please scram, pack your belongings, wipe the tables and chairs clean and apologize to my young master.”

Zhong Nuannuan completely ignored the idiotic butler. She looked at Leng Qirui and said coldly, “Are you looking to cause trouble?”

Leng Qirui was shocked!

Why did this feel so familiar?

However, Zhong Nuannuan’s current voice was completely different from the one last night, so Leng Qirui was unable to determine what exactly was so familiar, even after thinking about it for a long time.

“Haha.” The butler was angered by Zhong Nuannuan’s attitude, and he sneered twice. “It looks like this new student prefers the stick rather than the carrot, so don’t blame me for doing this.”

After that, the butler reached out to grab Zhong Nuannuan’s hair.

“Mr Butler, no!”

As she saw the butler about to pull Zhong Nuannuan’s hair and yank her out of the seat, Teacher Liu quickly reached out and tried to stop him.

However, at the next moment, a slender hand had already grasped the butler’s hand, and then pulled gently.


The butler uttered a cry that sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

The hand that he had extended earlier to grab Zhong Nuannuan’s hair had been dislocated at that moment.

His whole arm hung limply and strangely at the side of his body, and he was completely unable to exert any strength. All his arrogance had been swallowed by this sudden severe pain.

He yelled whilst quickly retreating backward as if Zhong Nuannuan was a venomous beast, and he looked at Zhong Nuannuan in horror.

Zhong Nuannuan ignored the butler and looked at Leng Qirui. “Be reasonable! I got the last place in school last semester, so according to the seating arrangement, this seat should be mine. Why should I leave as soon as you arrive? If you have such a temper, you can try to get the last place in class with your own ability, then I’ll vacate you this seat immediately! If you can’t get the last place, then don’t let your dog bark in front of me!”

Leng Qirui and Teacher Liu were at a loss for words.

The students thought, ‘…Oh my goodness, she’s so attractive!’

The butler, who was likened to a dog, was furious. Ever since he became the young master’s butler, he could act like a tyrant even in Emperor District. When had he ever been bullied since he started this job?

“You You have some guts! Since you treated me like this today, my young master won’t forgive you!”

Zhong Nuannuan smirked. “Leng Qirui, please take good care of your dog in front of me in the future. For your sake, I’ve only broken one of your dog’s legs today, but if he has another rabies episode tomorrow, I might beat him to death.”

“Ha! Haha!!!” The butler was so angry that he could only laugh, wishing that he could stab this woman to death with a knife. However, in lieu of her fighting skills, he did not dare to get close to her.

“Go back for now.”

After listening to Leng Qirui’s command, the butler was reluctant, but he had no choice except to leave. After all, he still had to go to the hospital to pop his armback into its socket.

As he walked to the corner of the door, the butler turned back and gave Zhong Nuannuan a venomous gaze.

After the butler left, to the amazement of the classmates, Leng Qirui walked to a corner, dragged out a set of unused tables and chairs from the side, and moved it next to Zhong Nuannuan.