My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Is That Her?

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“Qianqian, don’t worry about this. Let me handle it.”

“You? Miqi, what are you going to do? Don’t mess it up!”

“What am I going to do?” Xue Miqi sneered. “I want your family to know that she provoked Young Master Leng, and if your family doesn’t sever their relationship with her, they will suffer the same fate as Lai Yuqing’s family. As for Chi Yang, he can fight with Young Master Leng to death. Even if Young Master Leng is defeated, Chi Yang’s family definitely won’t tolerate him marrying a woman like this.”

Xue Miqi’s thoughts resonated deeply within Zhong Qianqian’s heart. Although she no longer had Aiden and Young Master Gu, since she had the ability to attract two such outstanding men, she still had a good chance if Chi Yang loses Zhong Nuannuan.

At this moment, she could not wait to see Zhong Nuannuan being chased out of the Zhong Family by her parents.

After reaching their desired conclusion, Zhong Qianqian, Xue Miqi and the others happily returned to class.

After the morning self-study session, Zhong Nuannuan still did not stand up, and Leng Qirui looked anxious as he sat next to her.

Previously, he had felt that Zhong Nuannuan seemed familiar. After observing her for a long time, he was finally reminded of where this sense of familiarity came from.

Leng Qirui was ecstatic and called Zhong Nuannuan several times, but she did not pay any heed to him. This made Leng Qirui’s heart feel as if it had been scratched by a cat, but he did not dare to tread on her toes. After all, if she was really that woman, then once she started to flip out, even ten of him would not be able to handle her.

The first lesson was Luntanese language class.

The class bell rang and Li Hongbing, the Luntanese language teacher, walked in. The moment he saw Leng Qirui, his eyes seemed to light up.

“First, I want to check the homework that was assigned yesterday. Li Shanshan, you recite the first paragraph.”

Li Shanshan stood up and began to recite the text. Wu Wenqian, who was sitting to the side, quietly exhaled. She had completely forgotten about their work.

Who knew

Before Li Shanshan sat down, Li Hongbing spoke again, “Wu Wenqian, you recite the second paragraph.”

Wu Wenqian was speechless.

“Why? Can’t you recite it?”

“Teacher Li, I had a stomach ache last night”

“Don’t give me so many excuses! You had a stomach ache last night, so what did you do during the weekend? Wu Wenqian, you only scored 130 marks in last month’s monthly examresults like yours sit at the very bottom of the elite classes in top senior high schools! You’re different from the noble students in class. Their futures are already guaranteed, but what about you?”

Wu Wenqian lowered her head as she clenched her fists underneath the table.

She hated this school, and every teacher in it.

The only difference was that she did not pay tuition fees, right? Was it necessary for every teacher to scold the scholarship students in every lesson?

If they did not nag her repeatedly, then why would she neglect her studies and devote more energy to looking for men?

She had become like this now all because of those teachers!

“You used to be a model student for our class. Now, stand by the wall and continue being a negative example! Everyone must pay close attention in my class. Although the school does not allow any homework, you must memorize the study material that I assigned to you! Do you hear me?”

“Wehearyou!” The students’ responses were sluggish and sparse.

“Student Guo Junhao, would you like to try?” Li Hongbing’s attitude toward the noble students, especially those with a more solid background, was still quite pleasant.

Guo Junhao stood up and skillfully recited the contents of the second paragraph.

Li Hongbing immediately looked toward Wu Wenqian. “Your classmate, Guo Junhao, is a noble student, but he works even harder than you. Don’t you feel guilty?”

‘Guilty? In your dreams!’

Wu Wenqian’s gaze dropped as her eyes filled with resentment and injustice.

After Li Hongbing scolded Wu Wenqian, he praised the other student, “I hope that all the students can study like Guo Junhao. Even outstanding firms need to be supported by a deep, underlying cultural heritage.”

Li Hongbing nagged incessantly in front of the class, boring the students to death.

“The next part consists of a few dialogues between men and women. I need a boy and a girl. Is anyone willing to try this out?”

Basically, as long as Li Hongbing spoke politely, it meant that the two people he wanted to invite next were noble students.

Everyone lowered their heads, unwilling to raise their hands. After all, most of the students did not complete their revision.

“I’ll try it.”