My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 180

Chapter 180: The Little Princess Who Likes Pink

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“Student Zhong Nuannuan, Leng Qirui has asked you to partner up with him to recite the following Luntanese dialogues. I know that you have not learned the content up to this point, but it does not matter. The most important thing about learning Luntanese is daring to speak it. You can skip any words that you don’t know.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “…” Could they not just let her learn in peace?

She knew what Leng Qirui intended. She knew that once she stood up, he might be able to connect her with the person from last night…

Despite this, she really did not mind as it would not cause her any problems even if Leng Qirui did discover her indentity.

It was just that this kid really was too persistent.

Under Leng Qirui’s burning gaze, Zhong Nuannuan slowly stood up.

When she was seated, he had already felt a sense of familiarity because she had the same scent as the girl from yesterday.

As she stood up, the present silhouette completely matched that of the person from yesterday.

Although the girl from yesterday was wearing a biker’s outfit and the one today was wearing a pink dress, Leng Qirui had inspected countless women and this point. Thus, with just a glance, he could tell that the graceful posture framed in this pink dress was exactly the same as the drop-dead gorgeous woman who saved him yesterday.

The key point was, they all liked pink!

If Zhong Nuannuan had known that even this could be the damning piece of evidence that Leng Qiru would use to connect them, she would definitely sneer.

The pink battery car and pink helmet last night were given to her by Selena while the childish pink color series in her wardrobe had been picked out by Jiang Shuwan.

The color she hated the most was pink!!!

After seeing Zhong Nuannuan’s figure clearly, a moment of joy flashed across Leng Qirui’s eyes.

He could now be sure that she was the same drop-dead gorgeous woman from last night!

Zhong Nuannuan had originally been looking at the history textbook during Luntanese class. However, after suddenly being called out by Leng Qirui, she glanced at the page that Leng Qirui had turned to. While holding open the book, he stood up and took advantage of that small window to carefully look through the dialogue between the man and woman.

“Student Zhong Nuannuan, you can just read accordingly. I will teach you any words that you do not know. Can we start now?”

“Is Teacher looking down on me?”

Li Hongbing was surprised but quickly laughed. “Of course, if you could recite it on your own, then it would be best.”

What happened next would surpass Teacher Li’s wildest dreams. A string of fluent Luntanese flowed from Zhong Nuannuan’s mouth as the pure English accent had even the teacher of Luntanese, Li Hongbing, wide eyed. On his face was an expression of absolute awe, much less the students who were present.

Zhong Nuannuan’s section was soon finished, and it was Leng Qirui’s turn.

As soon as Leng Qirui opened his mouth, his classmates exclaimed again.

Listening to the two people recite the contents of the textbook together was like listening to the script of a blockbuster movie.

Having said that, there was not much dialogue in the textbook, and the dialogue between the man and the woman added up to about three or four paragraphs and would end soon.

After they finished reciting the section, the whole class was strangely quiet. It was not until after Teacher Li took the lead to applaud that their classmates recovered from their shock. They promptly followed up with a warm round of applause. Clap! Clap! Clap!

This was simply wonderful.

Zhong Nuannuan and Leng Qirui’s Luntanese was even more authentic than Teacher Li’s!

“Young Master Leng is so impressive! I did say Young Master Leng had the ability to be someone with good grades, but he was simply being modest before this and deliberately failed every exam to grant us some face.”