My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Critical Hit

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Leng Qirui could not believe the fact that Zhong Nuannuan already had a fianc.

Girls constantly gossiped about the fact that they liked him. Normally, as long as his mood was slightly better and he put on a pleasant countenance, would those girls not rather abandon their boyfriends to pursue him?

Why was it that when he fancied a girl for the first time ever, this girl rejected him without any hesitation?

He was dumbstruck for a long time, but as he saw Zhong Nuannuan walking out of the classroom after packing up her belongings, Young Master Leng lost his temper and rushed out of the classroom, stopping in front of her.

“It’s just an engagement, not marriage, what’s the big deal?

“Give me a chance, I’ll start pursuing you from now on. I’m definitely more outstanding than him, and I guarantee that I’ll treat you better than he does. If you give me a chance, I guarantee I can make you willingly dump your boyfriend before your marriage.”

Putting aside family background, looks and masculine charms, Leng Qirui was very confident in himself. He firmly believed that he could defeat Zhong Nuannuan’s fiance. After all, this was the first girl that had captured his heart, and he was determined to get her!

‘This is a young child who has been spoiled by his family!’ As she looked at Leng Qirui’s high-spirited tenacity, Zhong Nuannuan was reluctant to knock him down.

“Firstly, it’s impossible for you to be more outstanding than my boyfriend.” After all, a man who had already become a captain at 26 years old was completely incomparable to a student who was still in senior high school at the age of 18, not to mention that he held the penultimate place in class.

“Secondly, it’s impossible for you to treat me better than my boyfriend does.” After all, in her previous life, Chi Yang sacrificed his young life for her. It was not an exaggeration to say that he loved her with all his heart.

“Third, and most importantly, I love him, not you.”

Critical hit!!!

When she saw Leng Qirui staring transfixed on the ground and looking beaten up by her words, Zhong Nuannuan stopped talking to him. She believed that he was a smart person, and would definitely come around.

If he was not a smart person, then there was nothing she could do about it anyway.

After all, she was not the Virgin Mary, and she could not go around ensuring that everybody lived the best life possible.

Hence, she turned around, and without any hint of affection toward her classmate, she determinedly walked to the Academic Affairs Office to complete her check in procedure.

After entering the Academic Affairs Office, she discovered that Chi Yang had already sent people to register for and decorate her dormitory the day before. Thus, when she arrived at the Academic Affairs Office, she only had to sign a letter to complete the procedure.

When she opened the door to the dormitory, three girls looked toward her at the same time.

“Zhong Nuannuan!”

When they saw the new person, the three girls happily greeted her enthusiastically.

The events that happened today gave them a new perspective on Zhong Nuannuan. Compared to Zhong Qianqian, who was ill-hearted and two-faced, they were more willing to accept a domineering, icy goddess like Zhong Nuannuan.

When she saw her roommates welcoming her, Zhong Nuannuan smiled as well. “Hello everyone.”

The three girls who shared the same dormitory with her were called Mu Qingxuan, Gu Xiaoli and Yan Fangfang, who were all top students in her class. The last one, Yan Fangfang was the classmate who sat in the third row and whom had helped to wipe her table and chairs before inviting her to sit today*. (TN: I think there might be a mistake here, the author is probably referring to Gu Xiaoli instead of Yan Fangfang. Please refer to Chapter 178 for context)

As for the other two, Mu Qingxuan was the former was a deputy class monitor while Gu Xiaoli was a commissary in charge of literature and arts. Both of them sat in the first row.

Despite this, the person who had left a deeper impression on Zhong Nuannuan was Mu Qingxuan.

This was a student who kept a very low profile. Everyone only knew that her family was quite wealthy, but Mu Qingxuan had never mentioned what her family did for a living.

Two years later, she saw her at a banquet held by the aristocrats in Emperor District.