My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Lurking

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“I really can’t make it today, I’ll be busy and won’t be able to return tonight.”

When she saw her roommates’ disappointed faces, Zhong Nuannuan said, “How about tomorrow then? I’ll invite everyone for a meal together tomorrow night, and all of you can decide the venue.”

“Sure!” Yan Fangfang was the first to agree.

Mu Qingxuan and Gu Xiaoli also readily agreed.

Mu Qingxuan felt slightly confused when she saw that all the books Zhong Nuannuan arranged on the bookshelf were new. “Zhong Nuannuan, why are you getting new books again? I remembered that you already received your new books for Year 1 and Year 2 Senior back when you transferred over here last semester.”

“My mother threw all my books away.”

Zhong Nuannuan said this indifferently, but the other three girls got angry.

“What? She threw them away?! Zhong Nuannuan, are you sure that she’s your biological mother? I heard that she treats Zhong Qianqian much better than you!”

Gu Xiaoli grew up in Wan District. Her mother died early while her father remarried, and her stepmother did not treat her well at all. She had also gone through the tragic experience of having her books sold off by her stepmother when she was in junior high, and was forced to work in town to pay for her brother’s studies. Therefore, when she heard Zhong Nuannuan’s words, her intuition told her that Zhong Nuannuan was not her mother’s biological daughter.

Zhong Nuannuan smiled gently. “I’ve done a DNA test with my father before.”

“Then you have to do it again with your mother. How could a biological mother carry out such a despicable act?” Yan Fangfang fumed.

“Fangfang, don’t worry about it. At first glance, Nuannuan seems to be a smart person with a mind of her own, she definitely knows what she needs to do. Besides, Nuannuan has a fianc now, if her family doesn’t treat her well, she can become an army dependent after she gets married.”

Gu Xiaoli nodded. “Yes, Qingxuan is right, if your family bullies you in the future, you can just follow the army.”

Subconsciously, the group of them had changed the way they addressed Zhong Nuannuan. This was the case with girlsonce they shared a little secret with each other, they could immediately become buddies.

[Who can take your place? Take advantage of youth and love as passionately as you want/ My dearest, dearest love, the journey is longlet’s be together]

Zhong Nuannuan’s cell phone rang. There was no need to look at the incoming caller ID, she already knew who was calling just by hearing the ringtone. A smile appeared on the corner of her lips, and she answered the phone quickly.


“Nuannuan, are you done with school?” A man’s cello-like melodious voice came from the phone.

“Yes, I’m done with class, and I’m in the dormitory now. Have you already arrived?”

“I’ve been in a meeting all this while, and it’s still not over yet, so I stepped out to tell you that I won’t be able to come over and pick you up. The commander-in-chief sent someone over today and he has already arrived. I’ll send you his phone number later, and you can just come here in his car. The meeting should be over by the time you arrive.”

“Okay, sure. You should quickly go back to your meeting then.”



“You’re not angry with me, right?”

When she heard Chi Yang’s cautious question, and detected his nervousness at that moment, Zhong Nuannuan quickly replied, “Why would I be? Am I that small-minded? What’s more, I’ll be a military sister-in-law in the future. I can’t be angry every time you’re busy, right?”

As soon as he heard that his fiance was not angry, Chi Yang’s anxious heart finally relaxed, and he was so happy that even his voice became much softer. “Then you should get in the car after you’re done with whatever you’re doing, I’ll wait for you to have dinner together.”


What Zhong Nuannuan did not know was that as she was on the call with Chi Yang, Leng Qirui, who felt indignant because of Zhong Nuannuan’s harsh words, was lurking in the reception room at the school entrance.

He wanted to see what kind of extraordinary person could make him seem worthless in comparison!