My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Broken Hearted Young Master Leng

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The type of people that Zhong Nuannuan hated the most were those like Leng Qirui, who had no skills, but acted headstrong all day.

Zhong Nuannuan felt very sorry when she looked the army brother, who had never returned a single blow since the start. She repeatedly apologized to the other party, but rather than getting angry, he escorted her into the car with a warm smile.

Ye Hai glanced at Leng Qirui, who was giving him a deadly stare, then sighed and turned to enter the car.

“Zhong Nuannuan, get out of the car! Get down! Otherwise, you’ll regret it!”

Without waiting for Zhong Nuannuan’s response, Leng Qirui got up from the ground and rushed forward, attempting to stop the car. However, in the next moment, the car suddenly started moving and sped off, spraying exhaust gas right into Leng Qirui’s face.

Unable to catch up with Zhong Nuannuan, Leng Qirui had nowhere to vent his stomach full of anger, and he started to punch the wall beside him repeatedly. After a while, his fists became bloodied.

“Oh my, Young Master Leng is so pitiful!”

“I feel so sorry for Young Master Leng. Goddess Zhong is so cruel!”

“I’ve never thought that Young Master Leng would turn out to be the clingy type.”

“Why won’t the passionate Young Master Leng come to like me instead? If Young Master Leng pursued me, I’d definitely love him well!”

“Shut up!” Leng Qirui, who was already brimming with anger, instantly exploded when he heard the comments of the boy-crazy students.

The students immediately fell quiet after being roared at by Leng Qirui, and they quickly dispersed.

Mu Qingxuan and her two other companions glanced at each other. They originally planned to go up and tell Leng Qirui that this person was not Zhong Nuannuan’s boyfriend, but after being roared at by Leng Qirui, they no longer dared to step forward.

Leng Qirui’s bloody fists hung low, and he covered the wound on his abdomen that had burst apart. Like a wounded lone wolf, he gradually faded out of sight…

After getting into the car, the more Zhong Nuannuan thought about it, the more she got the feeling that something was wrong.

Although Leng Qirui was very disappointed after he found out that she had a boyfriend earlier, at least his attitude was still positive. Even if he had been dealt a blow, he did not exactly go crazy, frenzied or deranged!

Moreover, she remembered Chi Yang saying that the person who was coming to pick her up was sent by Uncle Leng. Leng Qirui was Uncle Leng’s son, and he kept making out the other party to be rotten cargo…

“Leng Qirui knows you, right?”

The person driving in front, who had never spoken up until now, flashed a gentle smile. “Yes. I’m Lil Rui’s elder brother.”

Zhong Nuannuan was furious when she heard this.

‘If you’re his elder brother, why didn’t you say so earlier!’

However, she thought again’That’s not right, isn’t Leng Qirui an only son?’

“Are you a cousin from his paternal side, or maternal side?”

Ye Hai was slightly unhappy. To the public, he was the biological son of the commander-in-chief, and Leng Qirui’s biological brother. Much to his dismay, it turned out that Chi Yang was a gossiper and had told Zhong Nuannuan that his father only had one son, Leng Qirui.

“My father is Leng Jinpeng, so Lil Rui is counted as my younger brother. Back then, my biological father sacrificed his life to save my father, and out of gratitude, my father adopted me and transferred my household registry under the Leng Family’s name. Although I was not born under my father, I’m Lil Rui’s elder brother.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “I see.” No wonder after Leng Qirui’s death in her previous life, she had heard that he was Leng Jinpeng’s only son.

“My name is Ye Hai.”

“Hello, my name is Zhong Nuannuan.”

“You can call me Big Brother Ye in the future, can I call you Nuannuan? Big Brother Chi often mentions you in front of my father and I.”

“As you please.”

With just a few exchanges, Ye Hai and Zhong Nuannuan became familiar with each other. Along the way, Zhong Nuannuan listened to Ye Hai randomly talk about himself and Leng Jinpeng.