My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Male Double Dealer

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“Do you have a bad relationship with Leng Qirui?”

Ye Hai laughed bitterly. “It’s not bad, it’s just that Lil Rui has some misunderstandings toward me. It’s okay though, 18-year-old boys will be rebellious. I’m the elder brother, so I’ll just let him be.”

This sentence sounded normal at first, and people might even think that an elder brother like this was very heart-warming.

However, for Zhong Nuannuan, who had to deal with an ill-hearted double-dealer all day, this sentence was very problematic.

After listening to Ye Hai’s words, people who did not understand the Leng Family would think that he was a mature and steady elder brother, and that Leng Qirui was an unreasonable younger brother with a rotten temper. They would assume that he was simply a child that could not be put in any important positions.

The people around Leng Jinpeng were either rich or noble, and they were extremely powerful. If everyone were to develop such a perception toward the brothers over time, if there any opportunities or good fortunes were to spring up in the future that needed them to choose either one of the two brothers Haha, the horror!

Zhong Nuannuan smiled, declining to comment on Ye Hai’s words.

When he saw that Zhong Nuannuan did not speak, Ye Hai continued, “Don’t worry about Lil Rui rambling earlier. Although his personality is slightly short-tempered, he doesn’t have any malicious intent.”

“Rest assured, Big Brother Ye, I won’t worry about it.”

Ye Hai thought that Zhong Nuannuan would fiercely complain about Leng Qirui. After all, he had just witnessed this girl’s brutality with his own eyes. However, when he tried to bring it up, the other party just brushed it aside with a single sentence.

“If Lil Rui bullies you in class, let Big Brother Ye know and I will seek justice for you.”

“Thank you Big Brother Ye, but you don’t have to. Leng Qirui is quite a nice person, and he won’t bully me.”

Ye Hai did not say anything, and simply flashed a gentle smile. “That’s good.”

On the surface, Ye Hai looked like an amiable person who was easy to get along with. He talked to Zhong Nuannuan throughout the trip, without any traces of awkward silence and embarrassment that were normally common during a first meeting.

While Zhong Nuannuan was dealing with Ye Hai, she sent a text message to Leng Qirui.

Zhong Nuannuan: [You have grievances toward Ye Hai?]

Leng Qirui’s reply came very quickly.

Leng Qirui: [Did he tell you this? Yes, I have grievances against him! Furthermore, it’s a vendetta, a blood feud!]

Zhong Nuannuan: [No, he said that you’re his good brother, no matter what you do, he’ll accommodate you (smiley face)]

Leng Qirui: […]

Leng Qirui: [Zhong Nuannuan, although I like you, if you’re really together with him, I can’t guarantee that I won’t involve the innocent!]

Zhong Nuannuan: [You and what army? (Laughing face)]

Leng Qirui: […]

Leng Qirui did not send any more messages for a long time. Just as Zhong Nuannuan decided not to tease him any longer, his text message came in again.

Leng Qirui: [Zhong Nuannuan, apart from me liking you, you’re also my savior, and I don’t want to watch you being destroyed by a scumbag. Ye Hai is not what you see on the surface, he is a two-faced, extremely filthy and malicious person. I don’t know why he’d fancy a person like you without any family background, but this person never does anything without a purpose, since he’s pursuing you and letting you be his girlfriend, he definitely has an underlying motive. I hope that you can remove the scales from your eyes, even if you can’t bear to break up with him now, at least keep an eye on him. Don’t be made a fool without realizing it.]

As she read the long speech, Zhong Nuannuan’s lips curled up. [Who told you that he’s my boyfriend? Idiot!]

Leng Qirui: […]

Leng Qirui: […D*mmit!!! Didn’t you say that your boyfriend was going to pick you up at the entrance?]