My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Stepmother

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Zhong Nuannuan: [My boyfriend is a busy man, he can’t come today because of a meeting, so he sent someone else! My boyfriend is a righteous man with an indomitable spirit! Ye Hai and him are as different as night and day. Therefore, you can calm down, and also give up while you’re at it. We will only ever be friends. I like men who are the mature and reliable type.]

After a moment of silence, Leng Qirui sent another message.

Leng Qirui: [Zhong Nuannuan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Seeing so many exclamation marks, Zhong Nuannuan was just about to ask whether he had gone insane when she saw him send another text message: [Don’t tell me that your boyfriend’s name is Leng Jinpeng!!!!!!!!!]

Zhong Nuannuan: […]

Leng Qirui: [Oh my god!!! Zhong Nuannuan, are you serious? Do you know who Leng Jinpeng is?]

Zhong Nuannuan: [Your father]

Leng Qirui: [You know that he’s my father, and you still dare to go after him?! Zhong Nuannuan, my father is not in good health, don’t fool around with him! The two of you are incompatible, quickly break up!!!!! …By the way, is it possible that you’ve actually known of my identity since a long time ago, and you only saved me yesterday after recognizing me? You just want me to acknowledge you, and let me agree to you being with my father, right? Zhong Nuannuan, I don’t accept this! I tell you, even if you saved my life, I won’t accept you as my stepmother!!!]

Leng Qirui almost went crazy as he stared at the chat log. He could not help but smash the items in his room to smithereens.

Sh*t! The girl he liked suddenly turned into his stepmother. He could not accept this! He firmly refused to accept this!

After smashing the items, Leng Qirui rushed out of the door and roared at his butler, who had his arm in a sling, “Prepare the car, I want to go to the military base!”

Zhong Nuannuan did not know the situation on Leng Qirui’s end, and could not help but burst out in laughter. She felt that Classmate Leng was really fun to play with.

“Are you chatting with Big Brother Chi?” Ye Hai looked for a conversation topic immediately after seeing Zhong Nuannuan laugh. “Big Brother Chi usually keeps a serious face all day long, but I really can’t tell that he can actually get along so well with girls. By the way, does Big Brother Chi talk a lot when he’s with you?”

“I’m not talking to him, I’m talking to a good friend.”

Ye Hai rubbed his nose, smiled sheepishly, then stopped talking.

At the same time, Zhong Nuannuan also started to type out her message reassuringly: [Classmate Leng, you’re thinking too much. My fianc’s name is Chi Yang, so rest assured, I won’t be your stepmother. Still when you first thought that I was Ye Hai’s girlfriend, you told me not to be with him because he was a very bad person. Yet, when you changed your mind and accused me of being your future stepmother, you told me not to go after your father because your father is not in good health. Leng Qirui, you actually care about your father a lot, so why don’t you show it? Emotions can cause illnesses, but it can also cure them. If you can talk properly to your father and not make him angry, I’m pretty sure that half his illness will go away.]

Ye Hai’s interruption, and the fact that Zhong Nuannuan’s reply was slightly delayed, meant that Leng Qirui had already left by the time she sent out the message.

As for his cell phone, he had thrown it out of anger, and it had landed by the foot of the sofa in the study.

After waiting for a long time, Zhong Nuannuan still did not receive any reply from Leng Qirui. Therefore, she guessed that this person was probably angry at her, and did not worry about it any longer.

After entering the military base, the car continued driving for ten minutes before finally arriving at the special forces team.

The special forces team was in an exclusive area in the military base and was isolated from the ordinary soldiers.