My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Call sister In Law

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The fact that Ye Hai had addressed her as “Nuannuan” made Chi Yang frown slightly. Although he knew that Ye Hai would not dare to have any inappropriate intentions toward Nuannuan, he still did not like other men referring to his Nuannuan so intimately.

“Nuannuan and I still have to eat dinner, we’ll go to his place in about an hour.”

“Tell him not to take his nighttime medicine dosage yet.” Zhong Nuannuan quickly added.

“Okay. You two go for your meal, I’ll leave now.”

“Wait a minute.” Ye Hai had already turned around when he was stopped by Chi Yang.

“Big Brother Chi, is there anything else?”

“Did you hear how the boys referred to my significant other earlier?”

“…I heard.” Ye Hai was a little dazed, unsure of where Chi Yang was going with this.

“Most of them are older than you, but they all called my significant other ‘sister-in-law’. Why did you call her ‘Nuannuan’? Are you well acquainted with her?”

Ye Hai reacted immediately and explained breathlessly, “Big Brother Chi, you’re being oversensitive, I definitely wouldn’t have any inappropriate thoughts toward sister-in-law.”

Ye Hai was a cunning person. He had said “Nuannuan” very smoothly a moment ago, but after Chi Yang confronted him, he immediately changed his tone to “sister-in-law”. It sounded extremely pleasing to the ear, and showed absolute humility.

Chi Yang nodded with satisfaction, and he was just about to pull Zhong Nuannuan in when Ye Hai suddenly changed the topic of conversation. “As for Lil Rui, I’ll help Big Brother Chi to keep a close eye on him. That child is still immature, I hope that Big Brother Chi won’t take him too seriously.”

Chi Yang’s body froze, and his eyes narrowed slightly. “What did you say?”

Ye Hai was stunned, and he looked toward Zhong Nuannuan with a gaze of blank inquiry. His gaze seemed to ask, ‘Does Big Brother Chi not know about Lil Rui’s intentions?’.

Zhong Nuannuan thought to herself that things were getting interesting. This person was a male double-dealer; he was a good match for Zhong Qianqian.

“I asked you something, why are you looking at your sister-in-law?”

At this moment, the normally two-faced, gentle, elegant, and charismatic man stood there awkwardly, saying nothing.

However, his expression not only expressed his embarrassment at exposing Zhong Nuannuan’s private matter, but also clearly and incisively gave Chi Yang the answer he was looking for.

Zhong Nuannuan realized that Ye Hai’s ability at being two-faced was much better than Zhong Qianqian. No wonder Leng Qirui was so angry before this. That honest and frank child had probably suffered many losses from Ye Hai in the past.

Chi Yang did not press Ye Hai any further, and simply said, “Okay, you can go back first.”

Ye Hai nodded very awkwardly and looked at Zhong Nuannuan apologetically. In the end, he turned and left without saying a word.

After Chi Yang found out that Leng Qirui was interested in Zhong Nuannuan, his mood seemed to drop.

Despite this, Zhong Nuannuan felt that Leng Qirui was very pitiful. Not only had he been beaten by her and ripped off by his brother, he now had Chi Yang to deal with. Thus, as a classmate and fellow friend in the last row, she should help put in a good word for Leng Qirui.

However, her Big Brother Chi Yang was unhappy, and she had no choice but to coax her Big Brother Chi Yang and make him happy first.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang with a smile. “Leng Qirui likes me. Are you angry?”

Chi Yang squeezed his thin lips shut, and put on a serious expression. “No. Are you hungry? Let’s go to have dinner.”

This man!

He was obviously very bothered about it, but he did not say it out loud. He would rather secretly seek out his love rival to engage in a decisive battle than ask her more about it.

Typical machismo!

Therefore, she held Chi Yang’s arm with one hand, and held his other hand with the other, forcing him to look her in the eye.