My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 193

Chapter 193: I Like You

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“Leng Qirui and I have never met before, I sat on his seat at school today, and in the end, he tried to pick a quarrel with me when he arrived. Hence, I beat up his butler. Despite this, he not only did he not get angry, he unexpectedly even confessed to me after school in the afternoon. What can I do? I’m innocent! However, I told him that I have a fianc and I love my fianc very much, while he’s not my cup of tea.”

Chi Yang’s thin lips tightened and his expression remained serious. However, after hearing her say that she loved her fianc very much, even though he clearly still had a serious expression, the cold draught around him disappeared.

“What did you just say?” Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan intently, hoping that she would repeat what she had just said.

Zhong Nuannuan jumped up, hugged Chi Yang’s neck, went close to his ear and whispered, “I said, I love my fianc very much, and that he’s not my cup of tea.”

With her fragrant, warm breath spraying against his most sensitive auricle, Chi Yang’s ears rapidly turned red at a rate visible to the naked eye…

After feeling his body go stiff, Zhong Nuannuan did not let go, and continued to speak softly in his ear.

“I don’t like men who are too young, they’re not mature or steady at all. I like tall men, of a height just about 180, which is not much taller than me. Besides, he’s too childish, a moment ago he asked me to scram and bullied me, but after I beat up his butler, he confessed to me. I seriously suspect that he has masochistic tendencies. Apart from that, although his height is 180, he looks like a submissive person.

“I don’t like submissive men at all, I like men who are tall, mighty, upright, mature, steady, righteous, reliable, masculine and are able to make people feel secure like Big Brother Chi Yang.”

Chi Yang had always been the “trophy child” in the courtyard ever since he was young. He had been showered with praise since childhood and as well awarded numerous medals after he grew upall of which he had accepted with indifference.

However, at that moment, when he heard his fiance’s praises, for the first time in his life, Chi Yang felt light-headed. It was as if he was on cloud nine, and he felt like he was floating even though he was planted firmly on the ground.

Looking at Zhong Nuannuan’s beautiful, watery, and slightly upturned doe eyes, he asked, “Really? Do you really think I’m that suitable for you?”

“Of course! There might be many outstanding men in this world, and they might be taller than you, have a better personality than you, be more mature and stable than you, or even more powerful than you but, none of them are you. The only person I like is you, I only want to live with you, and complete the rest of my life with you.”

Chi Yang felt like his fiance was his intimate small cotton-padded jacket. She knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

Watching the ice and snow melt from Chi Yang’s eyes, which was then replaced by blooming flowers, Zhong Nuannuan could not help but shout at Chi Yang, “Big Brother Chi Yang, I like you!”

Chi Yang was shocked, and he watched in surprise as his fiance confessed to him in front of so many people. Her smiling eyes seemed to be embedded with all the stars in the universe, and his heart leapt with joy.

Immediately afterward, more than 200 special forces started to cheer.

“Sister-in-law is mighty!”

“Sister-in-law is domineering!”

“Sister-in-law, director-general is yours, carry him home!”


‘Oh my, I forgot that there’s still a bunch of men watching from behind.’

After she heard the men’s roar, Zhong Nuannuan, who had been extremely proud as she boldly expressed her love to Chi Yang earlier, immediately blushed. Like a frightened little white rabbit, she exclaimed “Oops”, and jumped into Chi Yang’s arms to hide, no longer willing to raise her head.