My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 201

Chapter 201: The Commanding Officer Is Scared

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Leng Jinpeng broke into a cold sweat after hearing what Zhong Nuannuan said. He felt like he was going to collapse.

“Nuannuan, what made you suspect that it was Lil Hai?”

“My intuition.”

Leng Jinpeng was speechless.

“Nuannuan, this is not a joke. You can’t joke about this.”

“I’m not joking. I’m naturally sensitive toward the scent of someone who behaves innocent but is secretly venomous.”

Leng Jinpeng did not dare to say anything more.

He had to get to the bottom of this.

After all, one of them was his biological son and the other was the son of his savior that he treated as his own.

He was worried about Lil Rui, but at the same time, he was worried that the person behind this was really Lil Hai.

“I got it. Thank you for telling me. I’ll pay more attention to this.”

“Knock knock.” Someone was knocking at the door. The sound of the knocking interrupted Leng Jinpeng’s thoughts.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open and Chi Yang walked in. After he walked in, he turned around and locked the door.

Leng Jinpeng could not control his laughter and asked, “You’ve finally made Lil Rui obedient?”

“Yeah. He’ll come to apologize to you after you’re done with your treatment.”

Zhong Nuannuan could not help but laugh out loud when she thought about Young Master Leng, the tyrant of the school, being made docile. She had completely forgotten who the troublemaker in this scenario was in the first place.

When he saw Leng Jinpeng fully clothed with an IV in his arm, Chi Yang asked, “Is the treatment done?”

“Not yet. It will take longer the first few times.”

As Chi Yang talked to Leng Jinpeng, Zhong Nuannuan secretly watched the medicine Leng Jinpeng consumed. She was observing the effects on his blood vessels after he consumed them.

After watching him for a long time, she realized that those medicines did not work on Leng Jinpeng at all.

This was why Leng Jinpeng’s condition was still not under control.

It was just a cirrhosis, but now it had become liver cancer.

“Earlier, Lil Nuan looked at the medicine for me, and now she’s starting the acupuncture.

“The medicines were all prescribed by the doctors in the military base’s hospital. Is there a problem?”

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “There’s not really a problem, but when someone takes the same kind of pill all the time, its function is just constantly repeated. Uncle Leng’s liver was already not in good condition to begin with. When he ate so many of the pills, it put pressure on his liver. For example, look at this, this is the pharmacodynamics of it. Now look at this one, its pharmacodynamics is the same even after consumption. Hence, there’s no need to take this repeatedly.

“Uncle Leng, can you go to the hospital tomorrow and get some medicine for the liver? I’ll match them for you. With a combination of western and eastern medicine, the effect will definitely be better.”

“No problem. I’ll get someone to take a box of all the liver medicine for me from the hospital tomorrow.”

“Alright. Uncle Leng, I’ll start the acupuncture now.”


Zhong Nuannuan took a few tightly sealed bags from her backpack and said,

“I’ve asked someone to make a set of silver needles for me. I’ll get them in two days. We’ll use the disposable ones for our first two sessions.”


Leng Jinpeng’s scalp started to feel numb when he saw the densely packed disposable needles in the bag Zhong Nuannuan was holding.

The reason he did not like to go to the hospital was because he did not like to be pricked by needles. It was not about pain, it was because of his childhood trauma.

The moment Leng Jinpeng saw Zhong Nuannuan holding a few needles in her hand, his palms started sweating uncontrollably.

“The commander-in-chief is afraid of needles. Go easy on him later.” Chi Yang delivered the last hit while standing to the side.

Leng Jinpeng glared at Chi Yang. He was extremely embarrassed that this kid would embarrass him like this.

“Uncle Leng, don’t worry. After this, you’ll fall in love with acupuncture.”