My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Pay More Attention

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Leng Jinpeng tidied his sleeves as Leng Qirui carefully helped him with his collar.

Even though it was a small gesture, Leng Jinpeng’s heart skipped a beat.

In truth, Lil Rui used to be extremely considerate when he was young. When Leng Jinpeng’s wife died, Leng Qirui always followed him obediently. Wherever he went, the kid would follow. Even if the conditions of the military base could not compare to Emperor District, Lil Rui still obediently followed him the entire time.

When did their relationship start to deteriorate? When did Lil Rui start to become rebellious?

After thinking about it hard, it was probably half a year after Ye Hai joined the family.

“Lil Rui, come and apologize to dad. It’s fine if you said you’ve misunderstood me, but don’t you know what Dad’s like?”

After he said that, Ye Hai said to Leng Jinpeng, “Dad, don’t take what Lil Rui did to heart. He’s just impulsive. He didn’t mean it.”

In the past, Leng Jinpeng would simply think that Ye Hai was being a responsible brother who could point out his brother’s faults. Having said that, when they were in front of the parents, he seemed to be able to do no wrong. Moreover, this boy was the son of his savior, so Ye Hai would always look good in his eyes.

However, after hearing what Zhong Nuannuan said, Leng Jinpeng felt like he was looking at this from a whole new perspective.

With his understanding of Lil Rui, he knew that he was about to apologize for what had happened as he tidied his collar for him. However, Ye Hai interrupted them at that exact moment. Lil Rui hated him a lot, hence rage and disgust instantly appeared on his face.

Leng Jinpeng thought that his son would go off, but he did not expect his son take two deep breaths and say, “Dad, I’m sorry. I misunderstood just now.”

Lil Rui was on the brink of an emotional breakdown when Ye Hai interrupted again.

“Dad, look, Lil Rui has apologized to you. Please forgive him.”

Leng Jinpeng was not an idiot. After all, he had climbed to the position that he was occupying today.

He had seen through Ye Hai’s tricks.

He could not see this before because Ye Hai was his savior’s son as well as his own adoptive son. That was why he treated the boys equally.

However, if you change your perspective on something slightly, the new image of that something might appear totally different.

In the past, whenever Ye Hai said this, Leng Jinpeng would just think that Lil Rui was insensible. It was his fault, so he should admit to his faults. However, when Ye Hai said these words, it was like he was labeling Lil Rui as someone who was reluctant to admit to their mistakes, as if he apologized, he would be admitting to this label.

That was why before this, whenever he heard these kinds of statements, Leng Jinpeng would scold Lil Rui without bothering to find out the truth.

At that moment, Lil Rui would also definitely fly into a rage, and then the father and son would part on bad terms.

Leng Jinpeng sighed. He neglected Lil Rui too much before this and kept thinking that he had turned into a bad person. He could not see him as often since he was always in the military base, but when he did have time, he would just lecture and scold him. When Lil Rui fought back, he would even hit him. Lil Rui was like a thorn under his skin whereas Ye Hai was the apple of his eye. Thus, whenever the latter tried to sow disharmony, Lil Rui would be on the losing end.

Leng Jinpeng reached out. When Leng Qirui and Ye Hai thought he was about to hit Leng Qirui, his hand stopped on top of Leng Qirui’s head, before he started caressing his head.

“Pay more attention before you say or do anything next time. Don’t be so rude and impetuous. The person I love the most in this lifetime is your mother. I won’t fall in love with anyone else besides her.”