My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Your Face Is Bigger

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Dang it, why were they treating her as if she were a delicate flower? moreover, with Zhong Nuannuan’s combat abilities, if something bad were to happen, it would be the other party that was going to be in danger, right?

“Lil Rui, your dad is feeling unwell these past few days, so why don’t you stay with him? Talk to your dad. The commander-in-chief will be happy,” Qu Mingyi suggested.

Leng Jinpeng noticed that just as Leng Qirui was about to say ‘okay’, Ye Hai’s voice cut in.

“Right, Lil Rui. Just stay here. We haven’t talked in such a long time. Let’s have a nice chat tonight.”

Leng Qirui glared at Ye Hai. “Ye Hai, I told you to stay the hell away from me. Who the hell wants to chat with you? I feel disgusted looking at your face.”

After being yelled at, Ye Hai was embarrassed and did not say anything anymore. However, he looked hurt.

“Lil Rui!” Even Qu Mingyi, who always pampered him, could not stand it anymore. He yelled at Leng Qirui.

However, Leng Jinpeng, who had always stood by Ye Hai, did not yell at his son for the first time ever.

“It’s already late and it’s not safe for you to go home alone. If you don’t want to sleep in the same room with your brother, you can sleep with me. I have three rooms at my place.”

Ye Hai was feeling wronged, but when he heard what Leng Jinpeng said, his face was full of shock.

He did not understand why his father was not screaming at Leng Qirui today. Normally, he would definitely raise his voice at him by now.

Leng Qirui considered for a while before nodding. This meant that he agreed with Leng Jinpeng’s suggestion.

Ye Hai suppressed the jealousy and reluctance in his heart and beamed. He said, “That’s great, Lil Rui. You’ve finally come to your senses after so many years. You have no idea how much dad wants you to come to accompany him in the military base. I have some alcohol. Why don’t we celebrate a little tonight? Big Brother Chi, this is sister-in-law’s first time in the military base. We should celebrate this together.”

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Ye Hai’s facade and smiled lightly. “Uncle Leng is forbidden from drinking all forms of alcohol.”


Ye Hai nodded awkwardly. “Of course, Dad can’t drink. However, he can drink some juice and celebrate with us.”

Chi Yang grabbed Zhong Nuannuan’s hand and stood up. “Lil Rui is Uncle Leng’s son, so what’s there to celebrate when a son comes to visit his own father? As from Nuannuan, whether or not we want to celebrate is our business.”

Ye Hai was oblivious to Chi Yang’s call out. Thus, he simply smiled politely. “Right. This is sister-in-law’s first time in the military base, so I’m sure she’s curious about a lot of things. In that case, we shall not disturb Big Brother Chi and sister-in-law anymore.”

“Nuannuan is so much younger than you but you’re so quick to call her your sister-in-law.”

Qu Mingyi wanted to mention this for a long time. Even though Ye Hai was better than the stubborn and quick-tempered Leng Qirui, everyone here was still relatively close to each other. Moreover, Nuannuan was so much younger than him, and yet, he could refer to her as sister-in-law without hesitation. It was quite unnerving.

Leng Qirui chuckled coldly. “Some people are born to kiss ass. They would not care whether people think that they are disgusting or not.”

Ye Hai’s face fell, but he still smiled and said to Qu Mingyi, “I called her Nuannuan before, but Big Brother Chi forbade it.”

“Pah! Who are you to call her Nuannuan? Is she close to you? Are you her family, boyfriend, or classmate? Even I address her by her last name. How can you talk to her so intimately? Is it because your face is bigger?”

Anyone would be angry after being called out by Leng Qirui like this. However, Ye Hai simply smiled politely with a hint of awkwardness on his face.