My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Chi Yangs Girlfriend

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“So, I can only call her sister-in-law now. Big Brother Chi is my big brother and Zhong Nuannuan is engaged to Big Brother Chi. Their marriage has passed the political investigation, so it’s as good as done now. Therefore, I didn’t want to be too distant and so decided to address her as sister-in-law beforehand.”

As Ye Hai was saying this, he was looking at Leng Jinpeng’s face out of the corner of his eye.

Leng Jinpeng was acting strange today. Normally, he would have cursed and berated Leng Qirui by now, and the two would then part on bad terms. However, he had not even said anything until now.

There were a lot of emotions swirling about in Ye Hai’s heart.

Did Leng Qirui tell Leng Jinpeng about his suspicions? Did Leng Jinpeng believe him?

No way!

When Leng Qirui got here, the two of them were like fire and ice. How was it possible that they were getting along after just one treatment?

“Uncle Leng, Uncle Qu, if there’s nothing else, Nuannuan and I will be leaving.”

Leng Jinpeng stood up and said, “Alright, take your time. Nuannuan, thank you for today.”

“Uncle Qu, you’re being too courteous.”

After walking out of the door, Zhong Nuannuan got in Chi Yang’s car. When she was about to put on the seatbelt, Chi Yang leaned over and helped her with it.

His refreshing scent immediately increased Zhong Nuannuan’s heartbeat.

Moods can affect a persons behavior, so it was a possibility that Chi Yang could sense her furiously beating heart. After thinking about his wife going to his house, he hurriedly searched for a topic to discuss, “Is Uncle Leng’s condition serious?”

Zhong Nuannuan answered flatly while her heart drummed against her chest, “Yeah, but it’s not at a critical stage. So, don’t worry. Now that I’ve taken over, I won’t allow Uncle Leng’s body to worsen too much.”

While driving, Chi Yang reached out his hand and grabbed Zhong Nuannuan’s. “I trust you.”

Ten minutes later, the car drove into the courtyard of the military base and stopped in front of a building for family members.

The building for family members was built during the early 21st century. There were no stairs but it was not too tall, standing at only seven stories. However, the environment and the scenery surrounding the compound was nice.

After Chi Yang got out of the car, he walked over to Zhong Nuannuan and opened the door for her. He then grabbed her hand and lead her out of the car.

“I feel that the environment here is much better than at the compound where we entered from just now.”

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan looking around curiously, Chi Yang replied, “The people who live here are the family members of the first lieutenants or higher. This is where I live. Come on.”

“Alright.” Zhong Nuannuan smiled. She was curious and excited to step into the place where Chi Yang stayed every day.

As they were about to step into the unit, a woman in pajamas and slippers began walking down the stairs with a bag full of trash.

When she saw Chi Yang, and then Zhong Nuannuan, who was holding hands with him, the woman stopped dead in her tracks.

“Director-general Chi, is this your”

“This is my partner, Zhong Nuannuan.”

The woman was shocked as her voice raised an octave. “What? You have a partner? When did this happen? How long have you two been together?”

Zhong Nuannuan was annoyed at the woman making a fuss about this. She was also eyeing Zhong Nuannuan from head to toe. Zhong Nuannuan’s gaze darkened.

Chi Yang was equally uncomfortable with the woman’s behavior. Thus, he ignored her questions and said coldly, “Excuse me.”

After saying this, he did not care if the woman moved or not as he simply grabbed Zhong Nuannuan’s hand and led her up the staircase.

There were a few bicycles near the staircase so there was not much space to navigate. When Chi Yang’s tall body stepped forward, the invisible pressure caused the middle-aged woman to back away subconsciously.