My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 209

Chapter 209: I Like It

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Zhong Nuannuan knew the reason he did this was to spend more time with her.

Of course, she felt the same.

Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes narrowed as she smiled. She looked at Chi Yang and grabbed his arm lovingly. “I don’t want to go there. I like staying here.”


Looking at Chi Yang’s surprised expression, Zhong Nuannuan nodded her head firmly. “Of course. This is where you live. I like the smell of this place.”

Chi Yang was puzzled after glancing at the house. He looked at the walls that were painted without adornment and the floor that was covered with the most basic tiles. There were no decorations in the room, let alone any smell.

“What does it smell like?”

To him, this was a place that he just rested in.

“It smells like you.”

Chi Yang:

“What?” He was being flirted with without any warning, so he was a little confused.

“This whole place smells like you. I like the smell of you. It makes me feel warm. It also feels like home to me.”

When Chi Yang heard that, his heart melted into a puddle of water. He looked at the glimmer in Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes and felt that her eyes were as dazzling as the sea. On the surface, they looked calm, but in reality, there was a whirlpool of emotions beneath.

When Chi Yang saw Zhong Nuannuan sitting on the sofa, he followed her. He stared at her and asked softly, “What do I smell like?” Since his Nuannuan was fond of it, he decided to intensify the smell so his wife would enjoy it even more.

Zhong Nuannuan felt Chi Yang’s breath on her when he spoke. The refreshing smell was mixed with his powerful hormones, which caused Zhong Nuannuan to start feeling restless.

“I” She only said one word, and yet, she felt her voice become flirtatious. She was shocked by herself, so she immediately cleared her throat. “I can’t put a finger on it. I can’t use words to describe this smell.”

“But you like it, right?” There was a hint of tenderness and joy in Chi Yang’s eyes when he looked at his wife’s nervous expression.

Despite being embarassed, Zhong Nuannuan still nodded. “Yeah. I like it.”

The sentence “I like it” delighted Chi Yang to no end.

The girl’s bright face was filled with collagen. Her delicate face was as innocent as a blooming flower and her red lips were slightly pouted as if she was waiting for him to get closer to her.

Chi Yang put aside his cold and hard exterior and changed it into inseparable love. He got closer to the girl while his hand slowly made its way next to her waist before resting on top of her hand which she had put on the armrest.

Under the warm light, his eyes were filled with devotion. It was as if the person in front of him was his entire world.

His hot breath landed on Zhong Nuannuan’s face and neck as she looked at Chi Yang. At that moment, the ice in his body melted and it was as though there was a pale light surrounding him. He looked like the sunset, so tranquil and tolerant. He was also warm and gentle.

When Zhong Nuannuan was about to close her eyes, the handsome face that would make even the gods jealous got closer to her


Chi Yang murmured. His hoarse voice was dripping with desire.

“Can I kiss you?”

Even though he was overwhelmed by desire, Chi Yang pulled the brakes at the last second.

He felt remorseful about the hurt he caused her. Hence, he still asked her for her consent despite being unable to control his emotions.

If she refused, he would suppress his desires no matter how difficult it was.