My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Vixen

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She thought about what had happened earlier. This was the first time they had ever gotten so intimate in both of her lives.

Even though she looked calm, there were a thousand emotions swirling about in her heart such that she could not control her heartbeat.

She did not expect a half-hearted kiss to have such a big effect on her heart. It also made her feel extremely happy.

When he got close to her, she almost pounced on him and tried to rub him into her blood and bones. If she did that, she could have him anywhere she goes.

The room Zhong Nuannuan walked into was the kitchen.

She noticed that there was a gutted and sliced fish in the kitchen while her favorite braised pork and the ingredients for her favorite cold chili chicken rested nearby. There was the smell of chicken coming from the already cold earthenware pot. All the dishes on the counter were her favorite foods.

He had planned to cook for her today. He was always doing things for her silently without saying anything.

“Can I help you?”

After the door was opened, Chi Yang’s icy voice sounded from outside. Anyone could hear the annoyance in his voice.

However, it was as if the person outside could not sense his coldness. Their warm and passionate voice filled the entire room.

“Aiya, didn’t I just see Director-general Chi bringing a guest home? I told Lirong after I got home, and Lirong was afraid that you wouldn’t have fruits here so she got some for you. While we’re here, we can pay you a visit.”

After that, a woman with a soft voice who sounded like she was speaking while pinching her nose said, “Big Brother Chi, I heard you were attacked. Did you get hurt? Why don’t I help you check your wounds?”

When Zhong Nuannuan heard the sound outside, she furrowed her brows and walked out.

“Our Lirong was working the night shift last night so she just came back. When she heard you were attacked, she decided to come to see you. You’re normally so busy and you always go out so early and come back so late. Now that you have a guest over, I figure you’ll be free, so you should just let her inspect your wounds.

You’re still young so you can ignore small wounds. However, when you get older, the small wounds will accumulate until they have lasting effects on your body. Look at the commander-in-chief, he’s now maintaining his body with medicine. I heard he was just like you when he was young and was the director-general cum instructor of the special forces team. Therefore, you should know you can’t overwork your body. Lirong is worried about you, that’s why we even brought the first aid kit.”

Chi Yang’s door was only slightly ajar as his other hand rested on the wall. He was completely blocking the duo’s attempts at entering. Therefore, the duo could only use their silver tongue to try to convince Chi Yang to let them in.

People say that an angry fist does not hit a smiling face. Despite Chi Yang having a bad reputation to outsiders, they had been neighbors for so long. Because of this, the mother and daughter did not feel that Chi Yang was being unreasonable, other than the fact that he was indeed a little too cold.

On the other hand, Sister-in-law Chen almost exhausted her brain trying to match her daughter with this soldier who had garnered so many achievements at such a young age.

However, a moment later, she saw a breathtakingly beautiful woman appear from behind Chi Yang.

Before this, Sister-in-law Chen only had a slight inkling of what she looked like because of the dim lit staircase. Thus, her only image of Zhong Nuannuan was that she was very young.

However, when she saw her under the light, the duo started to feel scared.

This was a vixen!

She was even more beautiful than the actresses on television!