My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Complains

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Zhong Nuannuan stopped next to Chi Yang before removing Chi Yang’s hand from the wall and hugging it. After that, she leaned against Chi Yang and said flirtatiously, “Big Brother Chi Yang, are they your close friends?”

The mother-daughter duo watched the girl leaning against Chi Yang as he even wrapped his arms around her. Their actions flowed smoothly and voluntarily, so they did not look like people who were being affectionate as a result of just getting together. It looked more like the habitual gestures of an old couple. A second later, the eyes of the girl outside the door went red.

When Sister-in-law Chen saw this, she revealed her sharp and unkind side. “We’re not only”

“Not at all. I don’t know them that well.”

Sister-in-law Chen wanted to say that they were not just close friends. Not only were they neighbors, her husband was also Chi Yang’s colleague and her daughter was the military doctor of the military base. She had bandaged Chi Yang a few times before.

However, she was shocked to core when she heard Chi Yang’s reply. She did not even know how to articulate what she wanted to say to the vixen next.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like strangers in my house. Take back your things, I don’t need them. If I’m hurt, I’ll go to the infirmary or military hospital. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Since they were Commander Chen’s family, Chi Yang treated them extremely nicely.

However, some people did not know how to take a hint or call it quits.

aSister-in-law Chen replied unhappily, “Huh, if you don’t like strangers in your house, then why did you bring a strange woman back home? This is the courtyard of the military base. How could you just bring an irrelevant person back here?

“Director-general Chen, I don’t want to lecture you, but the girl is still wearing her uniform. Is she a senior high school student? She’s still underaged, and yet she knows how to seduce a man. She even seduced the most accomplished soldier in the military base. How sinister. She’s definitely not a good person. Unlike our Lirong, who’s a better and more appropriate match for you in terms of personality and family background. You have to know”

“Shut up!”

Chi Yang roared, causing Chen Lirong to back away in shock. She bumped into Sister-in-law Chen who was behind her, which subsequently caused Sister-in-law Chen to yelp out in pain and stagger backward, almost falling down the stairs in the process.

“Does Commander Chen know about you two coming to my place in the middle of the night to lecture me? If he does not, I can call him and ask how the hell he disciplines his family members.”

After Chi Yang said this, Sister-in-law looked embarrassed while Chen Lirong was terrified. It was obvious that these two came to cause trouble behind Commander Chen’s back.

“Stop knocking on my door. Or else.”

After he saying that, Chi Yang slammed the door shut.

Zhong Nuannuan was upset that the man did not introduce her as his lawful fianc and simply allowed the two to spew nonsense. Then, she saw Chi Yang’s dark face as he took out a phonebook from under the coffee table. He flipped to the page of the correspondence group and then made a phone call.

When he heard voices coming from the other end, Chi Yang said coldly.

“It’s me, Chi Yang. Just now, Sister-in-law Chen and Chen Lirong came to my house and rapped on my door wanting to chat with me. When I refused, they started screaming at my partner. They even called my partner an irrelevant person. They also claimed that she seduced me sinisterly and that she’s not a good person.

“After that, they said Chen Lirong was the most suitable match for me. Apparently, she’s an appropriate match for me and that I should know my roots. Commander Chen, is this the way your family behaves?”