My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Small Comforts

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She watched him turn on the stove, heat up the stewed chicken, and then quickly pour oil into the pot, followed by a whole plate of pork belly that was already cut into chunks.

Immediately, crackling sounds arose from inside the pot.

Chi Yang turned around and said, “You can go to watch some TV in the living room for a while, or take a shower first. It’s very smoky in here so don’t come in.”

“I want to help you though.”

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already done all the preparations, so these dishes will be on the table very soon.”


“No buts. Be a good girl, go out and play for a while!”

Hence, before waiting for Zhong Nuannuan to finish speaking, Chi Yang pushed Zhong Nuannuan out while the oil was still burning, then closed the kitchen door to prevent the smoke from entering the living room.

Even so, the kitchen door was not closed completely, and there was still a small gap left.

When she went to the kitchen door and saw the tall and straight figure busy inside, Zhong Nuannuan felt her eyes actually become a little moist.

God loved her a lot, and allowed her to start everything all over again from the moment she fully regretted.

Zhong Nuannuan leaned against the door and smelled the oily smoke that came from inside, then remembered the saying. “Home is where the heart is.”

The Zhong Family’s house was not her home. That was because her heart was no longer with the Zhong Family.

Now, her heart was here with Chi Yang, so wherever Chi Yang was, that would be her home.

When she watched this tall figure who drove countless women crazy, but was only willing to focus his gaze on her, Zhong Nuannuan could not help but take out her cell phone to snap a picture of the busy figure in the kitchen through the gap.

The person in the photo was standing sideways, with a casserole pot to his left and a wok to his right. He was wearing a light green shirt, and his tall body resembled a vigorous pine tree as he held a bowl with one hand and stirred with the other. His eyes were earnestly looking at the oil in the pot, waiting to pour the eggs in once the oil was cooked.

The photo was very animated, comforting, and beautiful. Zhong Nuannuan felt that the photo looked better the longer she looked at it, and she could not help but set the photo as her cell phone’s screensaver.

Chi Yang naturally knew that his fiance was peeking at him from behind. He also knew that she was photographing him secretly. Therefore, he specially put on a nice pose for his fiance to record.

This was probably the first photo of him his fiance had taken!

It was not until a few minutes after Zhong Nuannuan left that a smile appeared on Chi Yang’s lips.

Chi Yang was cooking in the kitchen, and Zhong Nuannuan went to his bedroom after turning on the TV.

Originally, she wanted to see if he had any clothes that needed to be washed as she could use this time to help him wash them. However, every spot she laid her eyes on looked simple and clean.

The quilt was folded into a tofu block, and a laptop was placed on the bedside table. A pen and a book was neatly placed on top of the laptop.

Zhong Nuannuan knew that it was not because she was coming today that Chi Yang kept the place so clean.

It was because he was a very hygienic person himself.

After leaving the bedroom, Zhong Nuannuan began to watch TV.

She did not go to the study, After all, that was where he worked. As a commander of the special forces team, there would be some confidential items in the study, so she decided not to look at it.

Very soon, Chi Yang brought out the first dish he made.

After placing the dish on the dining table, Chi Yang deftly wiped the dining table with care.

Zhong Nuannuan got up, went into the kitchen, and took two sets of tableware. She was just about to rinse them when Chi Yang took them away.