My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 215

Chapter 215: So Yummy

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“Let me handle it.”

After taking away the washed dishes and placing them properly, Chi Yang pressed Zhong Nuannuan into the chair.

“You can eat first, I’ll come over after I’ve finished cooking the rest of the dishes.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

“Don’t wait for me, you can eat first if you’re hungry. I ate a lot at night, so I’m not that hungry.”

After that, Chi Yang placed a piece of chicken into Zhong Nuannuan’s bowl. He then gave her the chopsticks before heading back into the kitchen to continue his work.

Smelling the fragrant, hot and spicy aroma from the chili pepper chicken on the table, her mouth started to water.

Looking at the chicken in her bowl, Zhong Nuannuan finally could not resist anymore. She picked it up and put it into her mouth.

The texture was just right, it was chewy, but also soft. After a bite, she felt as if all the cells in her body had been stimulated and awakened by this spicy and delicious taste.

Oh my goodness…

It was delicious!

It was really delicious!

She had never thought that Chi Yang’s food would be even better than the Zhong Family’s nanny!

Besides, when she took a closer look

Wow! The chilli pepper chicken was completely boneless!

Chi Yang was actually so careful that he removed all the bones from the chicken, such that the huge plate of chilli pepper chicken was actually full of meat!

As Zhong Nuannuan sighed, thinking to herself that she could even eat the plate itself, Chi Yang served his second dish, braised pork.

Zhong Nuannuan could not keep her eyes off the pieces of meat that sparkled and looked like crystal products whilst simultaneously exuding a rich and sweet aroma. She was not paying attention, and saliva almost dribbled out of her mouth.

A few minutes later, all the dishes were on the table.

“I allowed you to eat first, why haven’t you moved your chopsticks?”

“I’m waiting for you.”

Chi Yang watched Zhong Nuannuan, whose eyes glowed with green light, and his gaze filled with indulgence.

He put a piece of braised pork into Zhong Nuannuan’s bowl. “Quickly eat. Try out the braised pork. How is it?”

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded, then stuffed a large piece of braised pork directly into her mouth.

Most of the oil had been boiled out of the skin and fat, so only the fragrance was left. It was fatty but not greasy, its softness was at a moderate level, and it left a lingering taste in her mouth.

“It’s so yummy…”

Zhong Nuannuan felt that it was even more tasty that what a five-star chef could make.

“How did you manage to make such good dishes? Have you studied this before?”

“I’ve read up on it by myself during my free time, but this is my first time trying it, so it’s good that you like it.”

Obviously, his fiance’s happy expression while eating was his greatest motivation for studying recipes during his free time in the past.

“It’s your first time trying this and it’s already so delicious, does this mean that I’ll even swallow my tongue in the future?”

Watching Zhong Nuannuan stand up, Chi Yang asked, “What are you doing?”

“I want to eat, I want to eat at least two large bowls of rice today!”

Chi Yang was speechless. ‘There are already so many dishes, and you’re still eating rice!’

This proved that Chi Yang had underestimated Zhong Nuannuan.

As he watched her finish the chilli pepper chicken, braised pork and Kung Pao chicken on the table, then whack two bowls of rice and half a pot of chicken soup like a violent wind blowing against fallen leaves, Chi Yang’s worldview shifted.

He knew that his fiance was a foodie, but he did not expect her to have such a big appetite.

In truth, he was already filled with satisfaction just by watching his fiance eat.


After finishing the last mouthful of soup, Zhong Nuannuan let out a comfortable sigh, then looked at Chi Yang with admiration.

This was just way too delicious!

‘I want to come here for free meals every day.’

As he watched Nuannuan’s satisfied gaze, Chi Yang’s eyes melted into a puddle of spring water. He could not help but reach out and squeeze her collagen-filled face before speaking in an affectionate tone…