My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Proximity

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“I made these so that you have more food types to choose from, but I never thought that you’d finish them all. I also didn’t expect you to finish two big bowls of white rice on top of that.”

‘Are you blaming me now for having a good appetite?’

Looking at her stomach that was still flat, Chi Yang was a little surprised, but he insisted. “Let’s go, I’ll accompany you out for a walk and take you around the military base compound in the process.


Zhong Nuannuan happily took Chi Yang’s arm. Chi Yang glanced at it, and the corners of his lips raised imperceptibly.

The dim corridor lights created two long shadows out of the two people who held each other as they walked down it. The scene looked quiet but comforting.

When they walked to the fifth floor, Zhong Nuannuan heard the sounds of crying, beating and scolding downstairs. When they walked to the third floor, the sounds of beating and scolding became very clear.

“That woman is a vixen! She already knows how to seduce men even while studying in high school, so if she isn’t a vixen, then what is she? Apart from her vixen-like looks, which part of her is better than our Lirong? Our Lirong graduated from the Jiang District Military Medical University.”

“You’re the one who’s a vixen! If you’re not a vixen, you’re a drama queen! How did I marry a shrew like you in the first place? Chi Yang’s parner is Commander Zhong’s daughter, and Commander Zhong’s wife is from an aristocratic family in Jiang District. His daughter has already passed the political investigation, and the two of them are in an honest relationship! If you cause such unreasonable troubles, then you’re destroying a serviceman’s marriage. I won’t stop you if you want to go to jail, but don’t embarrass me in the process!”

“Pooh! Serviceman’s marriage, my foot! Are they married yet? Since they’re not married yet, why should our Lirong make a detour every time she sees him in the future? I won’t allow this to happen! I want to let that vixen know that apart from her face, she has nothing else that can compare to our Lirong!”


“Chen Jianjun, did you just hit me to defend that vixen? I’ll fight you to the death!”

After that, sounds of breaking came from inside the house.

“That’s enough of you!” A young female said sharply. This was Chen Lirong’s voice.

“Why are you hitting my mother? My mother is thinking about my lifelong affairs, but what about you? As my father, you wasted all your time in the military base, yet what have you done for my mother and I? I tell you, no matter what you say, I’ll never give up on Chi Yang! I stay at the military base all day long, and the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first. Let me see how that vixen will fight with me!”

Unexpectedly, the girl who was previously gentle and could not even speak up in front of Chi Yang had become so aggressive at this moment.

Zhong Nuannuan approached Chi Yang, then sniffed his neck and chest.

Watching her delicate nose crinkle as she spread her steamy breath on him, Chi Yang’s gaze deepened slightly.

He knew how sweet her body was. When he had sexual intercourse with her that time after he was drugged, he felt like he had almost died.

Thus, at this moment, how could he withstand her flirting like this?

He reached out and pushed the little girl’s body away slightly. “What are you doing?”

“I’m smelling your body to see if there’s any special smell on you, otherwise how could you appear so attractive to two-faced people?”

Zhong Nuannuan said this jokingly. However, what she said was not exactly nonsense.

The two double-dealers, Zhong Qianqian and Ou Mingxi, were already difficult enough to handle, yet, there was unexpectedly another one here just next door!

In her previous life, she only felt that Zhong Qianqian was annoying, but in this life, so many people were pushing her buttons.

“Then are you one of them as well?”

The sentence caught Zhong Nuannuan off guard, and caused her to almost choke on her words.