My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Chi Yangs Wardrobe

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After that, she puffed out her chest. “I’m not!”

Chi Yang looked at her arrogant and dissatisfied look, and could not help but feel like laughing. His voice softened, and replied matter-of-factly, “Still, you’re by my side too.”

“I’m not a two-faced white lotus though! I’m your personal pair of scissors, especially responsible for cutting them off!”1

“Do you cut off women who want to be romantic with me too?”

“Yes, if there are women like this by your side, I’ll get rid of them all!”

Chi Yang was entertained, and he could not help but reach out to squeeze her delicate face. He said in an affectionate tone, “Sure, get rid of them as you please. I fully support you.”

Zhong Nuannuan was just starting to feel proud when the door on the third floor was pushed open with a loud bang.

Chen Lirong ran out of it with a ferocious expression. As soon as she ran out, she bumped into Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan, who were standing on the third floor corridor.

Chen Lirong’s eyes widened, and she quickly tried to hide the hideous expression on her face. However, angry Chen Jianjun’s voice could still be heard from inside. “If you want to get out, get out! Go and see if Chi Yang will still fancy you!”

This time, Chen Lirong had been completely embarassed. She instantly burst into tears before running downstairs.

Zhong Nuannuan looked toward Chi Yang with an innocent expression on her face.

She had not even started her attack yet, and she felt that the other party had already taken 10,000 damage points

Chi Yang understood what Zhong Nuannuan was implying, and said lovingly, “Your murderous intent is too strong, and the enemy is too weak. Come on, let’s go for a walk.”


After walking around for an entire hour, Chi Yang finally brought Zhong Nuannuan home. It was already ten thirty by then.

When she returned home again, Zhong Nuannuan looked a little embarrassed.

After all, she was going to bed soon, but Chi Yang only had one bedroom and one bed.

Hence, was she supposed to sleep together with her Big Brother Chi Yang tonight? Sleep together sleep together?

She already felt shy just by thinking about it!

After all, throughout their six years of marriage, this was their first time sharing the same bed.

Zhong Nuannuan felt herself blushing, and did not know what she should do next.

Seeing that she was nervous, Chi Yang quickly turned the TV on before turning it back off again. “Do you have any homework for tonight?”

She had almost forgotten that she was still a student. Besides that, she was a Year 3 Senior student who was about to take her final exam.

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “Our school never assigns any homeworkwe are trusted to do our own revision.”

When it came to high school seniors who were always occupied with homework, Zhong Nuannuan agreed with the style of aristocratic schools. Your future very much depended on yourself here. The teacher would provide a lot of exam papers and exercises, but it was your own choice whether or not you decided to do them.

“That’s good, but it’s already ten thirty. You should go for a bath first and rest earlier tonight.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s face flushed red again, and she nodded. “Okay.”

Chi Yang went to turn on the tap while Zhong Nuannuan quickly opened her bag and took out her change of clothes.

However, when she took out all her clothes…

Dang it!

She forgot to take her pajamas!

Apart from underwear, all the clothes in the bag were supposed to be worn tomorrow. Should she wear the undershirt of her school uniform to sleep tonight?

This was depressing.

“What happened?”

Chi Yang came out after turning on the tap to see Zhong Nuannuan with an awkward expression on her face.

Zhong Nuannuan was just about to speak when Chi Yang realized what the problem was, and opened his wardrobe. “I bought you two pairs of pajamas. Have a look, which pair do you like?”

Zhong Nuannuan turned to look at the wardrobe.

The wardrobe, which was not too big, had been divided into two sections. Only a small section of the clothes inside belonged to him, all of which had been folded neatly. Most of the remaining space was supposed to be for her own clothes.