My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Tinnitus

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He had placed more clothes in this wardrobe than she had in the closet in her house.

Looking at the huge pile of items inside, Zhong Nuannuan was a little startled.

“When did you buy these?”

She had said that she would come to the military base yesterday, but he was attacked yesterday and was caught up dealing with the incident from yesterday night to early morning. How did he have the time to buy so many clothes?

“When I first learned that you were going to be released from prison, I was thinking of bringing you a set of clothes. However, I kept finding clothes that I felt were suitable for you, so I kept buying more without realizing.”

“Except for the jacket that hasn’t been washed yet, the other clothes have all been cleaned, so you can wear them now if you wish.”

Chi Yang then took out two sets of pajamas. “Which set do you like?”

“I like them all!” Zhong Nuannuan took one of them. “I’ll wear this set first.”

“Okay.” Chi Yang nodded. His face remained solemn, but his bright eyes were filled with relief.

He liked to see his fiance wearing the clothes he bought! This would make him very happy, and also fill him with a sense of accomplishment.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, thank you!”

Zhong Nuannuan felt very contented.

What was family affection?

This was it!

When she returned to the Zhong Family in her previous life, she had ruined herself and Chi Yang for her family’s false affection.

She even thought that family affections were full of trivial affairs like this. Even if she felt sad, she could not abandon the fact that blood was thicker than water. This bond grew to be the thing she most yearned for ever since she was abducted.

However, she now knew that family affection was built on the foundation of love. Without love, family affection was like dog crap.

Zhong Kuijun was an egoist. He could not even talk about how much he loved Zhong Qianqian, whom he had raised for 18 years, let alone his daughter who was abducted at the age of three years old.

As for Jiang Shuwan and the Jiang Family behind her things were even more interesting. She was not even her real mother, yet she wanted to occupy her life, and in the process help her biological daughter seize the man that belonged to her. She did not kill her now just so she could draw out the person that she was hunting.

Relatives should be like Chi Yang. He was not just her lover, he also treated her like family. When she was hungry, he would want to cook for her. When he visited the mall, he could not help but buy her some clothes.

“I’m your fianc, and in the future, I’ll be the closest person to you in this world, so I ought to do everything for you.”

‘You have such a serious expression on your handsome, God-envious face, yet you’re saying such sultry words, have you ever sympathized with my girlish heart?’

Zhong Nuannuan was extremely touched by Chi Yang’s words, and she could not help but tiptoe and plant a kiss on that handsome and resolute face.

Chi Yang was shocked!

He had never thought that Zhong Nuannuan would perform such a move at this time. Chi Yang stood rooted to the spot while watching Zhong Nuannuan blankly, unable to recover his composure. The heart in his chest thumped around uncontrollably as a burst of blood rushed up from the soles of his feet, suddenly pouring into to all the limbs and bones in his body. It rose to the top of his head, causing him to hear a loud bang.

After that, because of Zhong Nuannuan’s kiss, Chi Yang’s ears started ringing.

As she saw her Big Brother Chi Yang, who was normally steel-willed and resolute, redden from his ears to his face and neck as he stood there with a look of bewildered innocence just because she took the initiative to give him a kiss, Zhong Nuannuan felt her heart melt in a pool of affection.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I’m going to take a bath.”

After saying that, Zhong Nuannuan put on the slippers that Chi Yang bought for her and walked into the bathroom.

It was not until the bathroom door was completely closed that Chi Yang’s scorching gaze was blocked and he finally came back to his senses.