My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Enchanting Woman

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This enchanting woman!

Thinking of the spot where he was kissed just now, Chi Yang could not help but raise his lips to reveal a handsome smile.

He also immediately decided not to wash his face in the shower later.

“Knock knock knock”

There was another knock on the door.

Chi Yang frowned unhappily as he remembered Chen Lirong, who said that she wanted to win him over since she stayed closer to him. Thus, he opened the door with an ugly expression.

The moment when the door opened, the soldier who delivered the package almost got scared to death by Chi Yang’s cold gaze.

“Director Director-general, this is your parcel, which was delivered to the communication room. I was afraid that it was an important item, so I brought it to you.”

Chi Yang suppressed the cold aura around him, nodded and took the parcel.

“Thank you very much.”

“It’s my job. Director-general, please rest, I won’t bother you any longer!”

After that, the soldier turned and left under Chi Yang’s gaze.

Chi Yang opened the fist-sized package and found a USB flash drive inside.

He inserted the USB flash drive into his laptop and opened it to find that it contained a video.

He clicked on it…

When he saw a familiar face looking at him with a grim expression, a cold light shone from Chi Yang’s eyes.

This person’s name was Viper, and he was the biggest mafia boss in Jiang District. He was privately involved in illegal businesses like smuggling, drug trafficking, arms trading, and human trafficking, and was also the target of his biggest goal at the Jiang District military base to capture Viper and destroy all the organizations under his control.

Chi Yang looked at Viper in the camera, and Viper looked back at him, as if he was an enemy who had killed his father.

Viper’s largest arms den was patronized by an enemy last night, and his weapons, which were worth over 10 billion, were all destroyed.

Not to mention, he was planning to resell these weapons for at least seven to ten times their value. In this situation, the people who had already paid their deposits would not let the matter slide so easily.

Even so, Chi Yang was very sure that this attack was not carried out by the military, so why was Viper directing his hatred toward the military?

While thinking of this, he saw Viper move. He showed the video to another person, then lay down on the seat and looked him straight in the eye. After that, he determinedly gave him three kowtows.

Chi Yang’s brows could not help but raise on his eternally unchanging and solemn face.

Obviously, Viper was threatened by the other party. Although the context was not known, he had given three kowtows to the person.

However, the person who had forced Viper to kowtow obviously knew Chi Yang and wanted to befriend him, so after that person cut and edited the video, they had sent him the scene of Viper kneeling and bowing.

Viper’s power in Jiang District extended to all areas. Whether it was a small police operation or large-scale operation by the military, or even the last time their special forces team was dispatched, Viper’s group would always receive the news ahead of time. Not only did they not manage to capture the person, they even fell into the opponent’s trap.

As the places he frequented were usually filled by government officials and businessmen who were involved in collusion and bribery, he usually had reservations about speaking too loudly. As could be seen, the cost of his opponent obtaining information was more significant than just two special forces team members getting seriously injured.

However, Viper had disappeared. Ever since the sudden assault on his convoy, he had not been able to locate Viper, not even once.

Although the video was silent, Chi Yang was able to read lips. That person turned out to be the one who blew up Viper’s den and destroyed tens of billions worth of his smuggled arms last night. No matter how hard Viper begged, the person still blew up the armory after Viper kowtowed to him.

The reason why he had a meeting until so late today was because he was discussing this case. After learning that Viper’s den was blown up, everyone applauded, clearly happy to see this double-crossing incident.