My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Consequence

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He did not expect a person who was more evil than Viper to send him a video like this tonight.

Who was this person?

What was his intention behind sending this video?

Chi Yang pondered this question and watched the video repeatedly. It was not until the bathroom door made a noise that Chi Yang subconsciously raised his head.

Although his fiance was wearing a normal two-piece pajama set, and the buttons of the pajamas were well-fastened, she was surrounded by water vapor. Under the warm light, she seemed to be covered by a layer of faint light at that moment. With her delicate face and wet hair, she looked like a fairy who had just stepped out of a lake.

Chi Yang zoned out for a bit before shutting his laptop and standing up.

“You’re done showering?”

The voice was so hoarse that even he did not want to admit it.

“Yes. Big Brother Chi Yang, you should go for your shower too.”

“I’m not in a hurry, I’ll help you dry your hair first.”

After speaking, Chi Yang took out a hair dryer from the bathroom cabinet. He took off the bath towel and put it on her shoulders, then held her hand, led her to the sofa and sat her down.

“You can go for your shower, I’ll just dry myself.”

“It’s not convenient for you to dry your hair by yourself, let me help you.” After saying this, his hands moved around and started to blow dry his fiance’s hair.

He especially liked her long, straight, smooth and soft hair. Every time he saw it, he could not help but want to touch it.

Chi Yang gently stroked her hair like a baby. He also checked the temperature of the hair dryer on the back of his hands first. Only after making sure that it was not hot did he remove it and aim it at her hair.

Zhong Nuannuan sat in a precarious position at first, but as time went by, she could not help but feel lazy. She removed her shoes, curled up in a corner of the sofa like a cat, and felt Chi Yang’s warm and dry hands wandering through her hair. Her eyes could not help but squint comfortably throughout this.

Suddenly, her gaze landed on the USB flash drive inserted in the laptop, and a smile appeared in her eyes.

This was her man, and nobody could bully him!

If anyone made him angry, she would ask for a payback a hundred times, no, a thousand times more.

After blow drying her hair, Chi Yang brought Zhong Nuannuan into the bedroom. Before she regained her composure, he made her sit on the bed, and then bent down to help her remove the slippers from her feet and put her legs up. After that, he pulled the quilt open and covered her with it.

“It’s already past 11 o’clock, and you still have to go to school tomorrow, so go to bed first.”

“What about you? Are you busy?”

“Not anymore. I’ll also go to sleep after taking a shower, then I’ll sleep on the sofa outside.”

After saying that, Chi Yang sat on the edge of the bed and tucked in the quilt corners for Zhong Nuannuan. “Will it be cold at night if the quilt is this thin?”

He felt that the quilt’s thickness was suitable for him, but it was more thin than normal Thus, he quickly opened his wardrobe and took a military coat out of it.

“Here’s a military coat. I’ll place it at the foot of the bed, if you feel cold, you can use it to cover yourself first. I’ll get someone to buy quilts and pillows tomorrow, so can you put up with this for today?”

“Yes, I can, but if you’re sleeping on the sofa, what will you use to cover yourself?”

“I still have a coat, so don’t worry about me.”

Chi Yang held onto Zhong Nuannuan’s shoulders, and with a gentle push, Zhong Nuannuan’s body slid down. The pillow had already been prepared, so when Zhong Nuannuan came back to her senses, she was already lying down.

“Sleep well, I’m going to take my shower now.”

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded obediently as she stared at him intently.

Under Zhong Nuannuan’s gaze, Chi Yang his body go stiff.