My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Saving Chi Yang

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As he stared at the girl who was obedient and lazy like a cat, especially under the gaze of her watery, bewitching eyes, Chi Yang felt that his willpower, which he was normally so proud of, completely disappear.

Finally, he stood up stiffly and ran into the bathroom like an army deserter.

It was not until the icy cold water had poured onto every inch of his skin and awakened every nerve in his body that he awoke from his charming dream.

The first thing that came to his mind after recovering was that he did not take any change of clothes with him.

There was normally only one bath towel in the bathroom. As Nuannuan’s hair was wet earlier, and he was afraid that it would wet her clothes and make it damp, he brought the bath towel out to cover her shoulders. Thus, at this moment, the bath towel was still in the living room.

Faced with this predicament, he pulled off a face towel and tried to cover his private parts with it.

It was not long enough.


He effortlessly tore the face towel into half with his bare hands, then used two clips in the bathroom to seamlessly connect the two halves of the towel, and tried to cover himself again.

Chi Yang was taken aback!

It happened to form a circle, but there was no way to tie it. Moreover, the face towel was already not wide to begin with, but after it was torn into half like this, it became even shorter. It could not cover either his front or back.

He could not go out with half of his privates exposed!

Chi Yang became unhappy.

He did not want Nuannuan to get the items for him. After all, this was his fiance’s first time coming over. He needed to leave her with a good, gentlemanly impression, so that she would not dislike this place and would be willing to live here in the future.

If he asked such a flirtatious request during her first stay here, he was afraid that he might scare his fiance. After all, his little girl was like a small, white rabbit.

However, if he did not ask her for help and went out with the towel around his waist, would he not be branded as a pervert by his little girl?

In the end, director-general Chi decided not to go out. He would stay in the shower until she fell asleep, then exit quietly.

Zhong Nuannuan waited for a long time, but still did not see Chi Yang come out.

They had been husband and wife for six years in their previous lives. Although they did not spend much time together, and never shared the same bed, she still knew Chi Yang’s basic habits.

This was a resolute and iron-willed soldier, and he did things in a sweeping manner. Even at home, his bath time was never longer than five minutes.

However, 10 minutes have passed by now, but Chi Yang has not come out yet. Furthermore, apart from the sound of water in the bathroom, it was quiet, and it did not seem like he was showering at all.

She suddenly recalled a similar incident in the past. Chi Yang did not come out after taking a long shower, yet she did not care about it and had gone out. Later, her family kept calling her, but she did not answer the calls either. As a result, she only learned after returning home that night that Chi Yang had fainted in the bathroom due to an intracranial hemorrhage, and was rushed to the hospital for a third craniotomy.

Thinking of this, the neurons in Zhong Nuannuan’s brain snapped to attention, and she got up suddenly. She did not even take the time to put on her slippers and simply rushed to the bathroom barefoot.

During the panic, she forgot that they had just got together in this life, and forgot that they were not a couple who were married for six years…

In short, she had forgotten everything, and even skipped the process of knocking or shouting at the door. With her bare hands, she used a karate chop to knock down the weak door lock.

Chi Yang sat naked on a small bench while reading. He heard the footsteps of Nuannuan running over, and raised his head, about to ask her what she needed. However, the lock on the bathroom door was knocked off without warning, sending to flying into his forehead.

After being treated so roughly and violently, the frosted glass door hit the wall behind it with a loud bang.