My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Fiancee Strikes Out

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As he watched his fiance suddenly go berserk, Chi Yang was startled!

When Zhong Nuannuan saw Chi Yang reading military magazines and sitting on the bench while letting the water run beside him, she was shocked too!

“What happened?”

Chi Yang put the book away and quickly stood up.

Zhong Nuannuan saw that something was dangling in front of her due to him suddenly standing up, and she was flabbergasted!

When he saw his fiance looking as if she had seen a ghost, Chi Yang finally came back to his senses. A bang went off in his head, and he quickly used the book to cover his nether regions. His eternally unchanged serious face still maintained a solemn expression, but its color had changed from wheat to maroon.

“Cough cough”

She had never thought that she would meet Lil Yang under such circumstances, and Zhong Nuannuan coughed awkwardly. “Take your time with your reading.”

After that, she tried to shut the door.

However, she had already blown off the lock, how could the door be closed?

Zhong Nuannuan had just closed the door, but because the hit had been too powerful earlier, there was a problem with the door frame. Thus, the door creaked open again.

It did not stop until it hit the wall behind her.

Chi Yang, who had just lowered the book with relief, and Zhong Nuannuan, who once again was staring at Lil Yang, were lost for words.

Chi Yang’s unchanging, serious face was finally broken by Zhong Nuannuan, and his face filled with embarrassment. He quickly used his hands to cover himself, then picked up the book again to shield himself.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan’s face was also flushed red.

Oh my goodness!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I really didn’t mean it.

“I, I I saw that you kept staying in the bathroom and didn’t come out for some time, and the sounds of water didn’t seem like you were taking a shower. You Didn’t you say that you had problems with headaches before, so I thought that something bad had happened to you. I, I, I I didn’t mean to smash the door on purpose, I I forgot that I should’ve knocked on the door before entering. I I should’ve called out for you before I broke in I used to farm in the mountains and had great strength, so I smashed the door in a hurry.”

Zhong Nuannuan felt that she had never been so embarrassed in her entire life.

As he saw his red-faced fiance, whose small head was almost smoking, Chi Yang calmed down instantly. Especially after hearing the reason why she broke inhis gaze immediately softened into a pool of water.

“Don’t blame yourself, blame me. I was the one who made you worry. It won’t happen again.”

Seeing her still keeping her head lowered and not speaking, Chi Yang exclaimed, “Nuannuan”


Zhong Nuannuan heard him calling out to her and raised her head, wanting to look into his eyes. However, she locked onto his strong and well-defined chest muscles, then found herself unable to redirect her gaze. No matter where she turned, eventually, her gaze would return to his sexy damp pecs.

Zhong Nuannuan was so embarrassed that she wanted to poke out her eyeballs, and then get rid of these useless organs that refused to listen to her brain’s instructions!

The gaze of Chi Yang’s fiance, which was erratic as they repeatedly fell on his chest, delighted him, and he waited for a while before speaking quietly.

“I forgot my bath towel and left it on the sofa, and I didn’t take any change of clothes either. I wanted to wait until you fell asleep before coming out, but since you found out anyway Cough, can you help me get the bath towel and a set of clothes to change into?”

“Okay, sure, sure, sure! I’ll get it right away.”

Zhong Nuannuan was almost about to spit blood out of embarrassment. She quickly turned around and walked out.

After that, she turned back to look at Chi Yang, who was covering Lil Yang with the military magazine. “Where is your change of clothes?”

Chi Yang could not help but raise the corners of his lips and say with a gentle gaze. “It’s in the closet next to you.”

“Oh! Right!”