My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Chi Yangs Medicine

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Zhong Nuannuan did not dare look in Chi Yang’s direction at all, so she quickly searched for a long-sleeved shirt with a pair of loose pants and gave it to him.

When Chi Yang caught it with one hand, Zhong Nuannuan had already turned to enter the bedroom, covering herself with the quilt. After a glance at his wife who was covering herself tightly in the bedroom, Chi Yang faced beamed. He took a look at the clothes

These were the clothes he bought for her! But he found no briefs! How was he supposed to dress up? Even so, his wife was shy and blushing so much it almost rang the fire alarm He could not ask for her help anymore..

In the end, Chi Yang could only wrap the long T-shirt around his waist, head to the bedroom to get the clothes to change into, and then go to the bathroom to get dressed.

After getting dressed, Chi Yang went to the kitchen to heat two glasses of milk before bringing it to the bedroom.

“Nuannuan, drink up this milk before going to bed.”


Zhong Nuannuan almost got suffocated. Hearing his voice, she quickly sat up and gasped for air.

At this moment, he had changed from his strict army pants and rigid army shirt to white casual clothes. His whole person was bright as the moon, without much fortitude, and a bit more refined and handsome.

The clear minty breath mixed with the refreshing soapy scent lingered around her nose. It smelt good that she felt that her nose was about to get pregnant.

His facial features were sharp and angular, like an art piece, while his nose bridge was as tall as the mountain, with a sculptural beauty. At the same time, his deep eyes no longer showed the arrogant indifference he normally displayed to the rest of the world, but was instead full of the pampering affection that she was familiar with.

Being watched so tenderly, Zhong Nuannuan felt embarrassed and trembled slightly.

Yes, this was her man! This man belonged to her from the inside out. There was no need to think about it, just touch it!

Why was she so embarrassed?

She reached out for milk, pretending to be calm, quickly to finish it. Chi Yang held the cup as she was halfway done with the drink, then her hand.

“Drink slowly.”

After watching her eat so much during dinner and now finishing this whole glass of milk, Chi Yang was really afraid that she would not be able to sleep well as she would be bloated.

“…” Zhong Nuannuan glanced at Chi Yang faintly and nodded unnaturally. “Okay.”

Seeing that she had slowed down her milk drinking, Chi Yang began to drink from his cup as well.

After drinking two sips to moisturize his throat, he opened the drawer of the bedside table, took out a medicine bottle from it, and poured out five pills.

When he was about to take his medication, Zhong Nuannuan held his hand.

“Brother Chi Yang, what medication are you taking?”

Although she asked this, Zhong Nuannuan knew very well that Chi Yang was taking sleeping pills.

Moreover, it was the powerful sleeping pills that Sab had just developed and released to the market last year.

For insomniacs, they usually only required half a capsule of the newly-developed medicine to sleep. When she was in Sab, she had seen people taking this medicine as a normal sleeping pill; they took three pills and then ending up going to the hospital for an infusion the next day while unconscious.

Therefore, in Sab, if there was not a special reason for it, this medicine would have been banned from being sold to patients. Under normal circumstances, they would have to go to the hospital with a prescription. Additionally, the purchase of the medicine was limited to 10 tablets during each visit.

Looking at the five pills that Chi Yang had poured out, and then at the small half bottle of medicine left, it was obviously not the first time he had taken such a large dose.