My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Massage

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Others who had eaten three capsules would have been sent to the hospital for an infusion, yet, he was still full of energy after taking five capsules every day. Even if she considered the possibility that his illness had not fully flared up at this moment and that it was merely at the stage of insomnia, his insomnia had become very serious.

“This is a sleeping pill,” Chi Yang confessed truthfully.

“Why did you take so many sleeping pills? Will there not be any side effects if you take them like this? Like, not being able to concentrate, dizziness, nausea or vomiting?”

Chi Yang was silent for a moment, then explained after carefully selecting his words. “I am in the special forces and often participate in some dangerous missions. To prevent the leaking of any confidential info if captured, everyone in the team has to undergo drug resistance training during our training sessions. Hence, a small amount of sleeping pills has no effect on me.

“You don’t have to worry. I followed the doctor’s instructions for these doses and it will not have any negative effect on my body.”

The drug resistance training was not only targeted at special forces, but also toward those who had high risk jobs, such as the assassins and hired soldiers.

However, even for them, when faced with such strong psychotropic drugs, five pills a day was still considered unnecessary.

As was the case for her friend Feng Shengxuan. Although she had insomnia and also took these types of sleeping pills as well, he would only take two pills at max daily, sometimes using only one pill.

Hence, it was obvious that Chi Yang’s insomnia was really serious.

Zhong Nuannuan’s heart ached for Chi Yang, but she could not express herself through words.

“Brother Chi Yang, if that’s the case, you should only take two pills for now. Then, lie down and I will give you some acupuncture.”

Chi Yang wanted to say that it would be of no use on him. Because his willpower was so strong, even a world-class hypnotist would not have an effect on him. His family had already tried things like acupuncture during the early stages, but to no avail.

However, this was still a suggestion from his girlfriend, and when it came to her, he would never reject her suggestions so as long as it did not go against his own principles. Moreover, his girlfriend was a professional acupuncturist.


Chi Yang put back three pills and ate the two, swallowing them with milk.

“Brother Chi Yang, milk has the ability to undo medicinal effects. Next time you take medicines, it would be best to take them with water.”


After he said this, Chi Yang laid down on the bed as per Zhong Nuannuan’s request.

“I will give you a massage first, then start the acupuncture session after.”

Chi Yang held his head up and rejected her, “No, it is almost 12am now. You have class tomorrow morning at 8.30am and have to get ready to leave by 7am. You must sleep before 12am.”

“There is no need. My sleep schedule is good, so it will be sufficient for me to sleep 5 hours everyday. You did not know about this, but when I was at home, I woke up around 6.30am everyday, and slept at around 1am at night.”

Chi Yang furrowed his brows. “No can do, you are a student, so academics should be your priority. Such little rest is not even near enough for you.”

“Then, 12.30am! I will definitely sleep by 12.30am! Even if you really force me to sleep earlier, I will still not be able to do so, so we might as well talk for a while. And since we will not sleep when we are talking, then let me give you some acupuncture while we’re at it. 15 minutes of massage, half an hour of acupuncture. Right on time at 12.30am!” Zhong Nuannuan tried to bargain with Chi Yang.

Chi Yang looked at her clear eyes and confirmed that she still did not feel sleepy at all. Only then did he nod. “Fine, 12.30am then. But, you must sleep when the time arrives.”


Looking at his little girlfriend’s gentle and warm expression, Chi Yang’s heart warmed up.