My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 226

Chapter 226: A Wifes Service

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He felt that his Nuannuan was just like a kitten. When she did not accept you, one would only be an insignificant sh*t-shoveling officer in her eyes no matter how much they offered her. That person would never look good in her eyes as she would treat them like common filth.

However, if she decided to accept you, she would be very gentle and clingy towards you, and would become your little assistant, following you wherever you go.

After Zhong Nuannuan had obtained Chi Yang’s permission, she went to get the silver needles happily. Then, she came back and looked at Chi Yang with a smiling face. Her fluttering eyelashes were like a thick and soft cat’s tail, lightly brushing against Chi Yang’s heart, causing it to tingle uncontrollably.

“Brother Chi Yang, lie down, I’ll give you a massage to start.”


Chi Yang was impressed by his little wife’s massaging skills.

His personal doctor was a professor, but he dared to say objectively that the massage technique of his little wife was much more soothing than the doctor’s.

Sure enough, when Zhong Nuannuan had only put two fingers on different parts on his head and started the initial kneading, Chi Yang could already not help but to let out a sigh of comfort.

Chi Yang felt a little embarrassed when he heard such an erotic sound coming from him. Thus, he cleared his throat and coughed.

Zhong Nuannuan’s expression was filled with warmth.

“Brother Chi Yang, was that nice?”

“Yes, it was very nice. Nuannuan, you’re very skilled.” Chi Yang could not help but close his eyes.

This was really soothing!

Whenever he did not get to rest well for a long period of time, his whole head would throb with pain, as if it was about to burst.

Over the past two days, there had been the explosion attack, as well as the attack on Viper’s secret base at the hands of others. Hence, he had been so busy, to the point that his head had started aching.

At this moment, as his temples were about to be massaged by his little girlfriend with a special finger technique, his entire head instantly felt sore.

Nevertheless, his little girlfriend seemed to know all those painful points, so she pressed down exactly on those points every time with just the right amount of pressure.

It was just a simple pressing action, but it was way more effective than a half-hour full-head massage.

“I am glad that brother Chi Yang likes it. Stop talking, just close your eyes and don’t think about anything.”

Chi Yang listened to Zhong Nuannuan’s words. He then calmed his self and comfortably enjoyed the caring service by his girlfriend.

He felt that his head had never been so relaxed.

After just five minutes of this incredible stress relief, Chi Yang felt his head change from experiencing a dull pain, to swelling pain, and finally to soreness.

After the pain disappeared, the soreness made him feel so comfortable that even his consciousness became a little hollow.

Seeing that he was enjoying the massage, Zhong Nuannuan secretly increased the 15 minutes massage to 30 minutes.

It was not until the moment that he felt something pierce into his head that Chi Yang’s eyes finally flung open. He instantly realized that he had almost fallen asleep under his girlfriend’s soothing touch.

Although he was still conscious, the 15 minutes of rest just now had made him feel a lot lighter at this moment.

“I’m starting your acupuncture. Close your eyes and stop talking.”

His girlfriend’s voice was very, very soft. Although needles were pierced into his head nonstop, at this moment, Chi Yang felt relaxed like never before.

Now he knew why Uncle Leng, who was previously so afraid of needles, had looked like he was enjoying himself. When the needles were stuck into his head, he actually felt a torrent of heat in his brain, as a warm wave was slowly and gently washing through every clogged blood vessel in his head.