My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Fallen Asleep

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Chi Yang was so comfortable that he did not even want to open his eyes, let alone say anything.

By the time Zhong Nuannuan had inserted all the needles into Chi Yang’s head, Chi Yang was already asleep.

Afraid that he might catch a cold, Zhong Nuannuan covered him with a quilt.

She had been watching his head carefully with her supernatural ability of precision observation since she started massaging him.

After undergoing two craniotomy operations, in addition to the injury he received during the previous incident, there were minute blood clots in dozens of the small blood vessels throughout his brain, which was the direct cause of his headache.

There were 100 billion brain cells in the human brain, and with her current mental strength, she could not see the cells at all, let alone the neurons that were much smaller than normal cells. Thus, she had no way of knowing whether it was the gunshot wound from before, or his inherent illness that damaged his brain cells, thus causing his serious illness later on.

Even so, at least she could see every blood vessel in his head clearly. Although it took more effort, as long as the blood that had accumulated in these blood vessels were cleared, his headache and insomnia would improve.

Using her supernatural ability of precision observation for half an hour was also a test of Zhong Nuannuan’s mental strength. After all, there were too many blood vessels in the brain; this was too small and too detailed to look at. The point was, she could not rest in the middle of this procedure and had to pay close attention to how these clots changed under the acupuncture process.

In this manner, after waiting for half an hour for the acupuncture to end, Zhong Nuannuan felt top-heavy. She shook her head vigorously.

Hence, Zhong Nuannuan gently pulled the needles from Chi Yang’s head, threw them into the trash can, and then laid down.

The severe exertion made her feel as if the sky was spinning.

After laying down, although she had kept a certain distance from him, Zhong Nuannuan felt relieved when she smelled the distinctly clear scent, and soon fell into the dark of sleep.

When the first rays of morning sunlight shone through the window lattice, Chi Yang opened his eyes.

As his eyes focused, clear as crystal, he noticed that there were no longer the bloodshot mottles from before.

When he turned to look at the rays of sunlight rising from the blue sky outside the window, Chi Yang’s mind was sluggish for a moment.

Then, he immediately remembered something very, very, very important

The daughter-in-law of his family had slept by his side yesterday!

The moment he thought of it, Chi Yang was going to turn his head to look to his side. Just then, he felt something on the pit of his stomach move softly. Chi Yang felt his brain burst while his whole body went stiff as he froze in place.


For fear of disturbing the person beside him, he slowly turned his head after a while, all the while being careful not to disturb the other party.

As he saw his hand outstretched, and that his family’s daughter-in-law was also curled up into a ball next to him, he quietly nestled her into his arms, with her head resting on his arm, her face resting on his neck, and one hand under his arm and the other on the pit of his stomach.

He laid there for a long time, enjoying the sweet warmth that seemed to tickle his neck. After this happened a few times, Chi Yang raised his head to look at her.

His eyebrows twitched uncontrollably at the gentle face beside him.

This person was really a hindrance to waking up early!

He was usually so restrained and indifferent to everyone, but it now seemed that this particular temptation was too great.

Fortunately for him, he had a good eye and had fallen in love with this little wife.

Staring at Zhong Nuannuan, Chi Yang’s eyes softened into a pool of spring water.