My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Think Carefully

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The porcelain, white as snow skin that was breakable just by simply blowing or playing with it, was a faceful of collagen covered with a layer of lovely fluff. The facial features were exquisite and beautiful to the extreme. The long hair like seaweed spread on his body, between the bed, even if they were still asleep, it also gave people a fresh and amazing feeling.

They had forgotten to close the curtains before going to bed last night and at this moment, the fine morning breeze blew in from the gap at the window, blowing up the soft hair and sweeping it on his neck, causing waves of itching.

Seeing the delicate and tender peach of immortality right in front of him and in his arms, exuding bursts of fragrance, he could only shut his mouth as he could not eat…

This feeling was simply tougher than endurance training.

Suddenly, the person in his arms moved. She, who had been quietly nestled in his arms, had now comfortably put her legs on his body, and her small head moved quickly to his chest, body also moving slightly. This whole person was leaning on him like an octopus.

Chi Yang’s bit his alveolar, holding back.

He had thought this was already the limit and was working to endure it until it passed, but the cat-like person of his sleep was constantly twisting in a daze.

Chi Yang felt himself sweating.

Seeing that the little girl was about to wake up, Chi Yang quickly moved his body a little bit without leaving any signs,giving her a comfortable position where she could hug.

Seeing that she had smashed her mouth and was again steadily asleep, he felt relieved.

Chi Yang stretched his not-slept-on hand to the bedside table, an invisible force extending along the bedside table to the wall and the window.

Then, the curtain, which was originally opened, started to close slowly under the drive of this force, until the light outside was completely blocked.

The girl who was still on the verge of awakening, had now fallen asleep again.

After that, Chi Yang kept looking at the little wife who was lying on him.

Although his little wife’s face was on his chest, all he could see was the long algae-like hair, but he just thought it was pretty.

The sight was so good looking that he wondered if his little wife was just that beautiful, that flowers would from her head with a “pop” when she fell asleep.

At six o’clock, Zhong Nuannuan’s biological clock woke her up on time.

Before waking up completely, her brows were already furrowed.

She liked to sleep on soft beds, not hard beds. But today the bed was too hard and it made her feel pain.

Her consciousness still in chaos, Zhong Nuannuan stretched out and was about to roll around, but then fell off immediately.

Although she only fell from on top of Chi Yang to the bed, the sudden free fall still made Zhong Nuannuan recover suddenly as she hugged Chi Yang quickly.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan’s consciousness was completely clear.

But when she saw herself being like an octopus, hugging her brother Chi Yang with both her hands and feet, she was embarrassed.

It was clear that they had been husband and wife for six years in their previous life, but they had never been so close. At this moment, the two embraced each other, no, she woke up holding him and everything was so beautiful.

He was glancing at her who still had tightly closed eyes and was breathing evenly, but when she suddenly hugged him hard, Zhong Nuannuan’s eyebrows were full of happy smiles.

It felt good to see them by their side when they woke up.

Seeing that Chi Yang had not properly woken up, Zhong Nuannuan did not want to get off him, so she laid on him comfortably. After a while, she moved her position slightly and pressed her ears to where his heart was.

Ba dump, ba dump, ba dump

Listening to the strong heartbeat in his chest, Zhong Nuannuan’s lips could not help but rise into a happy smile.

Having been abducted and sold into such a dark world, she had crawled out of the bones with her abilities and established her own kingdom.

Obviously, she had missed this peerless good man, but she could in that regret filled moment to make everything restart again.

She felt that she really had an open life.

And this strong and powerful heartbeat was the bell that rang in a new chapter in her life.

Just like a cat lying on Chi Yang’s heart and listening to his heartbeat for nearly 10 minutes, Zhong Nuannuan raised her head happily and looked at his sleeping face.

The black hair soaked in darkness, the nose that was as tall as a mountain, eye sockets deep as the sea, thin lips that were slightly pursed, and the firm chin…

These good-looking facial features were perfect and had no boring blemishes that even a strand of hair would be the creator’s favorite.

Looking at such good-looking facial features, Zhong Nuannuan had long forgotten that this man was a special forces soldier among the special forces, even more so the chief instructor of said special forces, and that he was recognized as the “god of death.”

At this moment, she just wanted to quietly get herself some small welfare while he was still asleep.

So, she could not help reaching out her hand and gently touching his long, thick eyelashes.

The black and long eyelashes swept across the fingertips, ticklish.

After touching his eyelashes, she touched his nose. After touching his nose… Seeing the slightly pursed thin lips, Zhong Nuannuan had a little thought.

This idea came into being and she did just that.

He was asleep anyway. He took two sleeping pills and gave him acupuncture. He definitely would not be waking up that early.

So, when Chi Yang’s already about to lose control, he was kissed by his Nuannuan.

Finally, under Zhong Nuannuan’s ruthless mischief that did not allow himself to leave in any way, Chi Yang moved.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan’s spirit returned from her sleep.

What the heck…

What did she do?


Seeing that Chi Yang was about to wake up, Zhong Nuannuan kicked his feet warmly. She groaned, and turned over, then turned her back to Chi Yang while breathing out a long, well-proportioned breath.

Chi Yang’s eyes were full of smiles.

He understood that this little girl liked him!

She could kiss him secretly, so he also wanted to do it!

So, Chi Yang gently kissed the face full of collagen.

After being kissed by Chi Yang all of a sudden, Zhong Nuannuan felt from where she was kissed on her face, an electric current instantly sweeping through her body and hitting her heart. Her breathing was a bit messy and her body became stiff.

She thought he knew what she had just done and was about to pretend to wake up again but then she felt the bed becoming lighter as he got out of bed.

Now Zhong Nuannuan woke up embarrassedly, putting herself in the quilt. Leaving only her two nostrils exposed, she closed her eyes tightly, and continued to pretend to sleep.

Chi Yang quickly finished washing up after getting up and then went into the kitchen.

Listening to the sound of oil splattering from the kitchen and the scent of eggs, Zhong Nuannuan’s appetite was whetted immediately, quickly got up, and ran to the bathroom to clean herself.

After changing her clothes and coming out, there was already a large table full of rich breakfast.

Chi Yang came out with a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and when he saw Zhong Nuannuan, his eyes were full of indulging smiles.

“You’re awake.”

“Yeah,” Zhong Nuannuan nodded, a little embarrassed. She always felt that Chi Yang’s gaze was a bit strange.

“Come and eat. I have arranged for the driver to take you to school at 7:10am.”


Zhong Nuannuan sat down and the knife, fork, chopsticks, and spoon were already placed in front of her.

“Time is tight so there was no time to steam the buns or make a few more dishes. Let’s eat. When you come over again in a few days, I will steam buns for you in the morning.”

“It’s already rich enough!”

Looking at this table with milk and cereals, nuts, fried eggs, grilled sausages, a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and a big bag of bread, Zhong Nuannuan’s stomach was already groaning with hunger.

“Do you want the bread toasted?”

“No, it’s okay.”

“I will toast a slice for you and you can also eat a slice of white bread to see which tastes more delicious.”

“It is good.”

“There is jam here.”

For jams, her favorites were blueberry, strawberry and orange and Chi Yang understood her preferences very clearly.

“I did acupuncture yesterday, does your head feel better today?”

Chi Yang nodded. “It’s better! Not only does my head no longer hurt, but my sleep was also much better. Last night was the best night I’ve slept in these recent years.”

Since the accident at his house when he was the age of eight, he had not been able to fall asleep much. At first, the family hired a hypnotist for him because of his young age, but then he joined the campaign office. There was no way for the place to be like home, so his sleep quality deteriorated.