My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Take You Away From The Fiery Abyss

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“There’s no need for that, I’ve already arranged for Lil Li to fetch her.”

Leng Qirui paused for a while as he was puzzled. “Big Brother Chi, I’m going to school to attend classes as well. Why do you still need a driver to send her?”

“I can rest easier if Lil Li is the driver.”

Leng Qirui was speechless as he looked at Chi Yang’s serious expression.

What did he mean? How much exactly did he distrust him?

However, Chi Yang was completely oblivious to Leng Qirui’s dissatisfaction.

Zhong Nuannuan laughed deceptively when she saw an overbearing person like Leng Qirui looking like a little tiger with his teeth pulled out when facing Chi Yang.

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan laugh so happily, Leng Qirui felt like his love had just received 10,000 damage points.

“This is Lil Li, if I’m busy and can’t pick you up in the future, I’ll get Lil Li to come get you.”

“Nice to meet you, sister-in-law!” Lil Li felt very honored to have been asked by the director-general to pick up his future wife, and he smiled brightly.

Zhong Nuannuan was pleased to have been called “sister-in-law” so loudly, and she returned a warm smile. “I’m sorry to bother you from now on.”

“Don’t say that, sister-in-law, it’s my honor to serve you.”

Tsk tsk!

Leng Qirui felt cold as he stood aside watching. ‘They’re not even married yet, and you’re already calling her sister-in-law. Are you doing this against your will?’

“Director-general, I’ll send sister-in-law off now.”

Chi Yang nodded, but not forgetting to say, “Be careful on the way.”

Lil Li, who had just witnessed this public display of affection, did not forget to smile and reply that he would definitely be careful.

“Wait!” Seeing that the car was really about to leave, Leng Qirui rushed forward quickly.

Since he was given the cold shoulder, he wanted to get in the car too! He would not believe that Chi Yang would drag him off the car.

Naturally, Chi Yang would not be that childish. However, at the end of the day, this was still his car, and his subordinate was in the car. If this kid dared to tease his woman in his car…

“I’m leaving then.”

“Okay.” Chi Yang nodded. “I’ll come over to see you when I’m free tonight.”

When Chi Yang said this, Zhong Nuannuan felt that her school life would not be so boring anymore.


As the car started, Zhong Nuannuan watched Chi Yang’s figure shrink until the car eventually turned a corner. Zhong Nuannuan saw with her X-ray vision that Chi Yang was still standing in place, facing the direction in which she had disappeared.

“That’s enough, he’s already out of sight, but you’re still staring at the wall. Are you two that desperate to be together?”

Watching the tenderness in Zhong Nuannnuan’s eyes that only appeared when looking at Chi Yang, Leng Qirui felt a pang of sadness in his heart.

“Hey, I heard that you had been reluctant when your dad first set you up for this marriage, so why did you suddenly agree to it? Were you coerced? If you’re really being coerced, let me know, I promise to take you away from the fiery abyss of suffering!”

Zhong Nuannuan pulled away her gaze, and her warm expression instantly turned into that of a queen as she scanned Leng Qirui from head to toe.

Leng Qirui almost blushed under her gaze, and he asked hesitatingly, “You Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m checking to see if you’ve lost your buttons.”

Leng Qirui was taken aback!

Sure enough, was this woman’s tenderness restricted only to Chi Yang?

Sensing Zhong Nuannuan’s fully malicious intentions, Leng Qirui exploded. “Hey, we’re classmates sitting at the same table, right? So, I’m just wondering who else would lash out at others the same way you did. I’m concerned about you! Can’t you appreciate my good intentions?”

“I’m sitting in the same row with you, not at the same table. After all, we’re still separated by an aisle. Also, does my face show any sign of dissatisfaction as a result of being coerced? If not, what you said earlier was not out of concern for me, but to provoke discord!”

Zhong Nuannuan’s face was filled with resentment. “You’ve already been badly burned by the fires, yet you’re talking about bringing me out of the fiery abyss. I’m afraid that if you drag me, I’ll really fall headfirst into the abyss at the next moment!”