My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Bad Reputation

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At this moment, the school gate was full of people, and they were all helping Zhong Nuannuan and Leng Qirui. Some called the teachers, some dialed 120, and some comforted Zhong Nuannuan.

After all, among the two of them, one was a campus belle, while the other was the school hunk, what more a bully-type school hunk. They thought that if they helped them, maybe Young Master Leng would remember their good deeds in the future.

Zhong Qianqian, who had just received the news, also rushed out of the classroom.

Zhong Qianqian was almost about to explode when she saw the unconscious Jiang Shuwan. When she saw that the head teacher, Teacher Liu, had also arrived, she immediately raised her voice and said,

“Zhong Nuannuan, what exactly did you do to Mom? Even if Mom beats you and scolds you, she’s still doing it for your own good! As a Year 3 Senior student, you did not attend classes nor stay on campus, and you hadn’t returned all night despite not even making a single phone call. Mom was only teaching you a lesson, but you hurt Mom so badly. You’re just too much! She’s still your biological mother, how could you do this?”

Zhong Qianqian came out and indiscriminately criticized Zhong Nuannuan.

Many of the classmates outside saw that Zhong Nuannuan came to school together with Leng Qirui, and that they had gotten out of the same car. If Zhong Nuannuan did not return home last night and was not at school, was she together with Young Master Leng the whole time?

Although the news of Zhong Nuannuan having a director-general boyfriend had already spread throughout the senior high school yesterday, many people had never seen him before. Therefore, if compared to that director-general, the students felt that Young Master Leng’s qualifications were better.

Thus, when they saw Zhong Qianqian launching an attack against Zhong Nuannuan, many business-minded students spontaneously stood on Young Master Leng’s side.

“Zhong Qianqian, is there something wrong with you? You don’t even know what happened, yet you’re spouting nonsense here and destroying Zhong Nuannuan’s reputation.”

“Exactly! Your mom clearly fell down by herself and ended up like this. What does this have to do with Zhong Nuannuan?”

“That’s right! All of us witnessed it. Your mom fell, and Zhong Nuannuan immediately went forward to support her. She had helped her up already, but she fell down again. When that happened, Zhong Nuannuan had already turned around, but she still reached out to grab at Zhong Nuannuan. In the end, Zhong Nuannuan was pulled to the ground, causing her to fall on top of your mom.”

The students by the side all nodded their heads, confirming this incident.

Not only did the students keep silent about Zhong Nuannuan’s absence from home last night, they had even rebuked her. Zhong Qianqian’s face immediately flushed red with anger, knowing that these fence-sitters were just supporting Zhong Nuannuan for Leng Qirui’s sake. At this moment, she could not argue with so many people all by herself, so she could only give up.

“Forget it, you’d better explain this matter to the family later.”

After that, she hurriedly called Zhong Kuijun, Jiang Hanlin and the undergraduate Jiang Hongyi.

When Jiang Hongyi arrived, 120 had only just arrived too. Zhong Nuannuan and Zhong Qianqian were busy helping the paramedic lift Jiang Shuwan into the ambulance.

However, Jiang Hongyi walked straight toward Zhong Nuannuan angrily as he raised his hand to slap her. Yet, Leng Qirui spotted this, and he kicked Jiang Hongyi’s chest without any explanation.

Jiang Hongyi had been charging forward fiercely when he was suddenly kicked aside amidst the exclamation of the students.

After kicking Jiang Hongyi, Leng Qirui walked over to him and stepped on Jiang Hongyi’s chest. Jiang Hongyi yelled in pain, then shouted at Leng Qirui while glaring at him angrily.

“Let go of me! Do you know who I am? Try stepping on me again, and let’s see whether I destroy you! Ah”

Right after he said this, Leng Qirui raised his foot and violently stepped on him again.