My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Large Prairie

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“This grandmother here is really useless! Fine, fine, fine, this grandmother will not interfere with anything related to your Nuannuan anymore. Since this grandmother is so annoying, I… I will just take it as if I had never had this granddaughter!”

“You really know how to try to turn things on its head. Was that what you call ‘caring about her’? It was obvious that you wanted to kill her with your crutches, was it not?

“Even if Zhong Nuannuan didn’t doubt her relation to you guys, even a bystander like me had begun to suspect that Zhong Qianqian was the only one who genuinely belonged to your Jiang family. Otherwise, how could the grand relative’s family work together to protect an outsider who was not biologically related by ganging up on their own blood related granddaughter and niece? Zhong Nuannuan, I strongly support your wish to do the DNA test. Maybe these people really aren’t your relatives. Maybe they had conspired to somehow put themselves in the position where they could pretend to be related to you. ”

From the side, Leng Qirui could now see clearly the real face of this family. He previously did not understand why Zhong Nuannuan had intentionally broken her mother’s ribs, but now he realized the truth. Presumably, her mother was way worse than even the Jiang family!

Thus, he seriously suspected that Zhong Nuannuan’s mother was actually just Zhong Qianqian’s mother and that the Jiang family were actually Zhong Qianqian’s grand relative family.

Regardless, Leng Qirui’s suspicion was the reality of the situation. Hence, his speculation quickly made the Jiang family realize the gravity of the situation.

Even so, Zhong Kuijun smiled and changed the subject. “Nuannuan, is this your classmate? Why don’t you introduce him.”

Zhong Nuannuan still needed Jiang Shuwan’s help to coax out the poisonous snake that had tried to harm her and Chi Yang, hence,she could not get rid of Jiang Shuwan just yet.

Seeing Zhong Kuijun change the subject, Zhong Nuannuan followed suit.

“This is my classmate Leng Qirui,” she then introduced previously to Leng Qirui, “This is my dad.”

The Jiang family remained silent.

What about them? Was she not going to introduce them after introducing her father?

Qianqian had talked about Leng Qirui when she returned to Jiang’s house yesterday, so when they heard that this man was the person in question, the Jiang family was at a loss for words.

When Zhong Kuijun heard it was Leng Qirui, his expression changed. Pulling her aside, he asked, “Nuannuan, what is going on? Why were you not at school last night?”

“I went to the military base last night to do something. The military base had informed the school beforehand.”

Zhong Kuijun was taken aback. “You went to the military base yesterday? Were you there to look for Chi Yang?”

Leng Qirui did not know that Zhong Nuannuan had asked Chi Yang to help her keep things a secret. Hence, when he heard Zhong Kuijun’s question, he immediately chimed in loudly, “My dad heard that Zhong Nuannuan knew acupuncture, so he troubled her to give him an acupuncture session. It was also my dad who applied for her to leave school.

“Uncle, I only went to the school with Zhong Nuannuan in the same car. You can ask Li Qi if you don’t believe me, as he is Brother Chi’s driver. Besides, you can also recognize the license plate of the Land Rover parked outside. It’s Brother Chi’s car. Zhong Qianqian had called the Jiang family just now, and I do not know what nonsense she had said, but when the Jiang family came back and saw Nuannuan’s face, they angrily proclaimed that she was shameless for having stayed a night with me. They even said that Zhong Nuannuan had given Brother Chi a green hat (TN: To wear a green hat means to have been cheated on).

“If being in the same car together means cheating on your other half, then Zhong Qianqian has sat in a car with God knows how many people, so wouldn’t her future partner have a large prairie above his head?”

Leng Qirui’s words made the group of bystanders laugh.

Zhong Qianqian, who had been pretending to be a weak girl at the side, was so shocked that she immediately stopped her pretentious act as a small white flower. This was the first time she had heard of Leng Qirui’s true identity.