My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Fool

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“You… you are Commander Leng’s son?”

“What about it?”

Leng Qirui, who initially wanted to achieve success with his own ability and so did not wish to reveal his identity because of his bad relationship with his father, was now revealing his family background in public. He just could not watch Zhong Nuannuan being wronged!

Zhong Nuannuan held her forehead.

The idiot!

She just did not want anyone from the Zhong family or the Jiang family to know of her medical skills, so much so that Uncle Leng had even secretly discussed things with the principal.

Now look at what he did. He just blatantly sold her out and even winked at her after. Even if they weren’t lovers, they looked close enough to be siblings.

Zhong Kuijun immediately became excited.

He walked over and held Leng Qirui’s hand with both hands. “Oh my, it really is as if a flood of water had rushed into the Dragon King Temple. I’m so lucky!”

Leng Qirui was creeped out by Zhong Kuijun’s warm grip.

Zhong Kuijun looked at Zhong Nuannuan and said, “Nuannuan, really… such a big deal to do acupuncture on the commander-in-chief. You child, why did you not discuss it with your parents? Look at the panic you caused your mother.”

“While I may not have cured the disease with acupuncture, I just wouldn’t worsen it.” Zhong Nuannuan quickly clarified that her medical skills were not necessarily that good, and that she was not very confident in it. She could only guarantee not to worsen the commander-in-chief’s condition.

“You said you… Why would the commander-in-chief believe you? No way, I have to talk to the commander-in-chief about this.”

Leng Qirui continued to be a good sibling. “Uncle, you do not need to speak with my father since he has already decidedthis decision will never change. My father needs to get acupunctured two or three times a week. Just don’t instigate trouble when the time comes and say that Nuannuan was being shameless.”

“Of course! That’s for sure!” Zhong Kuijun nodded and bowed, then gave Jiang Hanlin a fierce glare.

The Jiang family members were feeling awkward as they stood to the side and did not dare speak. The gaze from the Old Lady Jiang directed toward Zhong Qianqian carried a hint of dissatisfaction.

After Zhong Qianqian received the Jiang family’s scorching gaze, she felt resentful, but she did not dare to show it. She knew that when she went back home later, she would definitely be scolded by her dad again.

Jiang Shuwan’s operation was quickly finished.

“Doctor, how was my mother?” Zhong Qianqian rushed up to ask first, her face filled with impatience.

“Her ribs were only cracked and did not break. Her internal organs were not hurt either. However, because several bones were cracked, the patient has to stay in bed for the next three months.”

By now, Jiang Shuwan had also woken up. Looking at Zhong Nuannuan, the resentment in her eyes was blatant. She opened her mouth and scolded, “You are a harbinger of misfortune. Not only have you caused Qianqian to get beaten by others, she also became used shoes (TN: Meaning prostitute, or a woman who has sex with lots of people)at such a young age. How could I have a daughter like you?

“Zhong Nuannuan, let me tell you this, you already have a fianc, so Young Master Leng belongs to Qianqian. You have already caused Qianqian to lose two boyfriends, but since your relationship with Young Master Leng is so close, I will give you one month. Within a month, you must let Young Master Leng fall in love and get engaged to Qianqian! ”

Although her voice was soft because of her injury, it was enough to be heard by the curious onlookers.

“Girl, I advise you to do a DNA test! If she is being so biased, she definitely isn’t your biological mother!”

Jiang Shuwan, ‘What is going on? What the hell?’

A moment later, she was pushed into the ward. When she saw the people who had come to visit her, she swallowed her saliva as her eyes widened in horror.

“Why did you not go to work?” Jiang Shuwan looked at Zhong Kuijun and asked.

“If I went to work, I would not be able to see the entire Jiang family attacking Nuannuan.”