My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Take Care Of Your Eyes

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Although she did not know what had happened, Jiang Shuwan subconsciously defended their actions, “How can it be called an attack? The people here are all her elders. She did something wrong, so isn’t it okay for the elders to teach her a lesson?”

“You hadn’t seen it! She came to school this morning in this man’s car. The two were together early in the morning, so they must have been fooling around last night. I…”

“Enough! Shut up!”

Zhong Kuijun was going crazy because of Jiang Shuwan.

“Do you not know who he is? He is the Young Master Leng that you spoke of, Leng Qirui! He is the commander-in-chief’s son!”

Jiang Shuwan was mortified.

“It was his father who called Nuannuan to the military base last night. She also stayed at Chi Yang’s place last night. Fooling around? Although Nuannuan was not raised in front of you, she is still your biological daughter. If you ruin her reputation without figuring out the truth, are you really her mother?”

When Jiang Shuwan heard that it was the commander-in-chief who had approached Zhong Nuannuan, she looked confused and quickly mumbled, “Then, she shouldn’t have left without telling us first.”

“Jiang Shuwan, let’s have a divorce!”

A thunderbolt suddenly exploded in the ward during that sunny day. Jiang Shuwan and the Jiang family instantly went pale.

“Kuijun, what are you saying? Wanwan has been with you for half a lifetime. It has not been easy to enjoy such blessings and now you want to divorce her over this trivial matter?” The Old Lady Jiang looked incredulous, her face a look of disapproval and panic.

“What should I do otherwise? Nuannuan is my daughter. How many times have I said to her to treat them equally, but because she doesn’t think well of Nuannuan, she has dragged the entire Jiang family into it as well. Since none of you can tolerate Nuannuan and continuously think that since she came from a farming district that she is not good enough for you ladies, we should just separate. I won’t turn my back on my daughter, but since you all would, we might as well not have any relations going forward.”

Everyone could understand Zhong Kuijun’s words meant at the surface level, but there was an implicit meaning to them.

He was threatening the entire Jiang family with the future of the Yunshang Group!

Old Lady Jiang looked at Zhong Nuannuan and finally lowered her stance. “Nuannuan, quickly tell your dad that this issue today was a complete misunderstanding. We were all just worried about you and wanted you to integrate well and become a lady of this big wealthy family.”

Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan did not speak, grandmother continued, “Grandmother also knew that the development of class cannot be done in a short amount of time. Sometimes we are indeed anxious, but the scoldings were justbecause you are our Jiang family’s girl. Quickly go and explain this to your father and tell him that you will not take these things to heart.”


Everyone was shocked at her answer.

Had everything grandmother had said fallen on deaf ears?

The old lady had her back facing Zhong Kuijun while she was facing Zhong Nuannuan, so after hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s reply, her eyes went completely gloomy. Her face glowed red, almost as if warning her.

Ha ha.

Previously, she had respected. However, did this old woman actually think that she was afraid of her and that her gaze could intimidate her?

“Grandmother, let’s not say pretend that your gaze can kill. Even if it could, you would still have to pay back for the life you take. You should just keep your gaze. Don’t let your visual lens fall off before you successfully scare me to death. Please do not think that I was ridiculing you; as you get older, your body organs start to degenerate, and with your eyes puffed out so much…”