My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Who Lacks Class Even More

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Zhong Nuannuan narrowed her eyes and continued in a frightening voice, “Typically when the eye nerves are irritated, you wouldn’t even hear a crack before you lose your sight.”

Leng Qirui had scared the people in the room with his cold face, but upon listening to Zhong Nuannuan’s deadpan taunting and scare tactic, he almost laughed.

The Tyrannosaurus rex was indeed king of this jungle.

You could not beat it with brute force, and you could not outsmart it with cunning words.

There was no point fighting her, it would only result in a damaged liver.

At this moment, Leng Qirui felt that Zhong Nuannuan had actually gone easy on him.

Sure enough, the old lady dared not stare her in the eyes again. Instead, she switched from staring to squinting. “Do you really want to see this home break up because of your ignorance?”

“Grandmother, the Jiang family is a wealthy family, of which you are the leader. As a hegemon lady, can we talk some sense?

“Gu Mingzhe was just allowed to leave by himself because Zhong Qianqian did not like him. Meanwhile, Aiden felt offended by Mother, and then proceeded to abandon the relationship. What do I have to do with any of this?

“And yesterday, it was clearly Zhong Qianqian who gathered everyone to slander my reputation, which Leng Qirui happened to overhear. I was not there, Leng Qirui beat her. Besides, can we really call it a beating when it was nothing more than a slap to the face with a book? Now Leng Qirui is here, but instead of asking him for justice, you came to me for a cat fight. What’s the meaning of this?

“And it’s even more funny with the mother. Your own daughter was bullied by your stepdaughter, but instead of looking for the stepdaughter, you targeted your daughter. You were the one who didn’t stand properly before falling down, and you received just retribution. After you came to, you even wanted me to bring around a potential son-in-law. Fine, fine, fine. Leng Qirui is now here. Go ahead and ask if Leng Qirui is worthy of Zhong Qianqian.”

“If you’re going to scold someone, do that. Can you just not insult me?” Leng Qirui asked with a cold expression.

Everyone was speechless.

“You are too much!” Zhong Qianqian could not stand it anymore and ran away crying.

“Look, she can’t even stand a bit of grievance and runs out without even saying a word. She’s so uneducated, but will you ever turn your back on her? What about me? I was wronged and put in prison for a month. Did you care about me then? When Zhong Qianqian hooked up with my fianc, who gave a cr*p about me? When she and her classmates bullied me, who gave a cr*p about me? Not only did you not care about me, you even placed all the blame for Zhong Qianqian’s actions on my head and then proceeded to look down on me. Grandmother, have you forgotten who gives you acupuncture therapy every time you have rheumatism?”

“Is the person who gave you acupuncture the outsider who you all hold so dearly in your palms? I treat you all so well, yet why haven’t you extended me even a little bit of familial affection?

“You all said that you abandoned me because I had no class, so I want to ask grandmother this, compared to Zhong Qianqian, who is the one that has no class? And do you dislike me because I have no class or are there some other reasons that I don’t know of?

“In short, I am extremely disappointed with my mother and the Jiang family. It is said that blood is thicker than water, but, no matter what Zhong Qianqian does, you can’t fault her. On the other hand, whatever I do, it’s never good enough for you. Hence, I guess that it this is all probably because of some undisclosed reason. My mother had confused mine and Zhong Qianqian’s identity, and that’s why now you all look at Zhong Qianqian with rose-tinted glasses whilst looking at me, the biological daughter, the real Jiang family member with utter disgust. Because of all this, I really want to do a maternity test.”