My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Slap In The Face

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Zhong Nuannuan raised her lips slightly and smiled sweetly. “Then it depends on what you do. After all, I wasn’t the one who forced all of you to start a catfight with me.”

“Nuannuan, Mom is sorry. Mom has really been biased in the past, and Mom won’t do this anymore in the future. Would you tell your father not to divorce Mom?”

Jiang Shuwan hated her to death at this moment, but if Zhong Nuannuan did not say anything, Zhong Kuijun might really go through with this.

Without Zhong Kuijun, she was nothing.

“Auntie Jiang, anyone can compare the whiteness of their teeth. There’s a saying that goes, ‘If apologies are useful, why are the police still needed?’ Ask yourself, how many times have you apologized to me since I came home? Do you think I care about your apology?” Zhong Nuannuan’s referral to her as “Auntie Jiang” was really heart-wrenching.

“Nuannuan, what do you want then? Do you really want Mom and Dad to get divorced just like this? You’re a piece of flesh that fell out of Mom’s belly! Are you really happy to see Mom fight with your dad like this?”

“It’s said that the kindness given at birth is not bigger than the love and care given during upbringing, and I can see that clearly now. Whether I’m your daughter or not, you’re the closest to Zhong Qianqian. However, people start taking you for granted when you give them too much kindness. I poured my heart out to Zhong Qianqian, but she always regarded me as an enemy! I feel very helpless too.”

Jiang Hanlin quickly added, “This is indeed all Qianqian’s fault, I’ll look for Qianqian immediately and ask her to apologize to you. From now on, Uncle will also supervise your mother and grandmother. After all, Qianqian is the child they raised, so biasness was always inevitable. Even so, from today onward, from this moment on, you’re the child of our Jiang Family, so we’ll all look after you, okay?”


The Jiang Family’s eyes lit up in unison.

“Then About the divorce”

“We’ll see after Zhong Qianqian admits her wrongdoings to me.”

The Jiang Family was speechless.

Although they knew that Zhong Nuannuan would not necessarily reconcile her parents after Zhong Qianqian admitted her mistake, this was their only option right now.

After all, if the divorce goes through, the Jiang Family would really be left with nothing.

Jiang Hanlin worked fast, and after a while, Zhong Qianqian returned with red eyes.

Jiang Hanlin had already told her what to say. While she was shocked that her father actually wanted to divorce her mother, she also resented Zhong Nuannuan’s viciousness.

She had caused her so much harm, and now she still had to apologize to her!


However, she did not want her parents to get divorced, nor did she want everything she had now to vanish like soap bubbles.

Her uncle had never been fierce to her before, but not only did her uncle scold her earlier, he even gave her a slap in the face. This immediately made her understand that the Jiang Family had nowhere to go.

“Nuannuan, I’m sorry.”

“Where are you sorry?” Looking at Zhong Qianqian’s unwilling expression, Zhong Nuannuan did not plan to be softhearted.

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have spoken ill of you in front of the classmates, nor should I have told Grandma that you hurt Mom today.”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrows. “Is that it?”

Zhong Qianqian took a deep breath before continuing. “I was also wrong to fight for Chi Yang with you in the past.”

“What else? Did I make you lose Aiden and Gu Mingzhe?”

“No, you didn’t.” Zhong Qianqian shook her head in humiliation. “It’s Mom and I who didn’t pay proper attention to the situation, and it had nothing to do with you.”

Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan had stopped talking, Zhong Qianqian replied, “Nuannuan, Mom and Dad’s relationship has always been very good, and our Zhong Family has always been a harmonious household. Can you tell Dad not to divorce Mom?”