My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Chapter 253

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Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“However, you have to do a self-reflection in front of all the students tomorrow.”

Zhong Qianqian was lost for words.

After a long silence, Zhong Qianqian nodded. “Okay.”

“3000 words!”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes were teary with anger, and she glanced at the Jiang Family. However, under the pressure of everyone’s gaze, Zhong Qianqian bit her lips and agreed.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at the Jiang Family again. “I was not raised by you, so I hope that you won’t always use your status as an elder to nag me from now on. I can forgive all of you for what happened today, but if you upset me again in the future, I’ll spare no effort in urging my father to divorce my mother.”

The Jiang Family was speechless.

“As for Mom. Your emotions are not very well controlled by your brain, so I hope that you will think about today’s incident before you talk and speak in the future. I particularly hate people who yell at me. Since you love Zhong Qianqian more, then no matter what the result of the test is, you should just go and be a good mother to Zhong Qianqian. Since you can’t give me maternal love, and since you didn’t raise me yourself, I hope that you won’t govern my affairs so much in the future.”

Jiang Shuwan gritted her teeth with hatred, but she had no choice, she really could not divorce Zhong Kuijun. Thus, after hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s threat, she could only cry and repeat the words, “Nuannuan, you’ve misunderstood Mom”

Zhong Kuijun was gone for quite a long time before the nurses from the hospital came by. After they extracted some of Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Nuannuan’s blood, they left again.

Zhong Kuijun did not know what had happened earlier, and he only apologized to Leng Qirui. “Sorry Lil Rui, you’ve just watched a joke. Family misfortunes, family misfortunes!”

“It’s nothing. Although Auntie Jiang and the Jiang Family are a little unhinged, fortunately, you’re a sensible person, Uncle.”

Zhong Kuijun was very happy to receive Leng Qirui’s affirmation.

He turned to look at Zhong Nuannuan and said, “You and Lil Rui have been delayed here for a very long time. The final exams are approaching, and you’ve also missed a lot of classes before this, so quickly go back to class.”


Zhong Nuannuan did not even hesitate for half a second. Without saying a word, she stood up and left with Leng Qirui.

“Nuannuan!” Jiang Hanlin hurriedly stopped Zhong Nuannuan. “You haven’t stated your position yet.”

Zhong Nuannuan stopped and turned to look at Zhong Kuijun. “Dad, you should be more cautious about the divorce. After all, it’s a serviceman’s marriage.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words reminded the Jiang Family of a crucial point that they had forgotten up until this point.

Dang it.

Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan had a serviceman’s marriage.

Unless Zhong Kuijun surrendered Jiang Shuwan’s secret, the military bases would not allow them to divorce so easily.

Despite this, Zhong Kuijun would not actually dare to really hand over the evidence since he would not be able to escape punishment once it is handed over.

They were so stupid. They only remembered that Zhong Kuijun could control them, but totally forgot that there was also a military base that could control Zhong Kuijun.

“Okay, Dad understands. You can leave with Lil Rui, having Qianqian around to look after your mother is enough.”

Zhong Qianqian gritted her teeth with hatred. They were both children of the Zhong Family, so why should Zhong Nuannuan go to class while she had to stay here? She was not the one who did this to her mother!

This was what she thought, but Zhong Qianqian did not dare to say it. Thus, she could only watch them leave with a bitter expression on her face.

“Your family is really messed up.” After leaving the ward, Leng Qirui voiced out his feelings.

“Same to you.”

“I’m telling the truth!”

“Well, does that mean what I’m saying is incorrect?”

Leng Qirui had nothing to say.

“I think they may not really be your relatives.”