My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Help To Pursue Zhong Nuannuan

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When he saw Leng Qirui coming out of the classroom, he quickly greeted him mischievously.

“Young Master, was everything alright when you stayed the night at the commander-in-chief’s place yesterday?

“It was alright.” Leng Qirui replied with a lack of interest.

The butler’s gaze stayed on Leng Qirui. He could from his close observations over the past few years that the young master was in a bad mood now.

“Young Master, I heard some small gossip earlier on campus, I don’t know if it’s true.”

Seeing that Leng Qirui was silent, the butler continued to smile and ask, “They said that Young Master, did you confess to that girl Zhong Nuannuan yesterday?”

Leng Qirui glanced at him. “Why, can’t I? Was it because she broke your arm yesterday, and you want to seek revenge on her?” He was well aware of what the butler’s personality was like.

The butler burst out in laughter. “How is that possible? Am I that kind of person? Young Master, you really look down on me! That’s our future young mistress. It’s already too late for me to flatter her, so how could I dare seek revenge on her?”

“She can’t be a young mistress anymore.” Leng Qirui felt lonely again.

“Hmm Huh?” The butler’s eyes widened.

“My confession was rejected.”

The butler’s eyes widened again, and he was instantly dissatisfied.

“Who is she? How dare she reject your confession, Young Master! Young Master, do you want me to use any special means?”

Under the threat of Leng Qirui’s sharp gaze, the butler immediately corrected himself. “Ahem, what was that, what I mean to say was, do you need me to help you pursue Miss Zhong Nuannuan?”

“You, help me, to pursue her?”

“Yes, you can hand over this matter to me, and I’ll definitely have her following you willingly within three months.”

Leng Qirui replied noncommittingly, “Okay, you can go then. However, she’s currently in a relationship with Big Brother Chi, their marriage report was also approved by my father. Once Zhong Nuannuan becomes an adult, they will get married. If you really have a method to get this matter done, I’ll give you a tenfold increase in your salary.”

When the butler heard the name “Chi Yang”, a cold and stern gaze automatically appeared in his mind. He had always felt that gaze could cut into the human skin and illuminate their insides, making himself feel completely exposed when faced with the other party. Therefore, although he had been a butler for the Leng Family for three years, he had only seen Chi Yang three times.

“What? Chi Chi Yang?” The butler was so stunned that he could not believe what he had just heard.


The butler was taken aback!

Watching the butler’s expression that looked as if he had just eaten poop, Leng Qirui knew it was hopeless. Forget a tenfold increase in salary, even if he increased the butler’s salary by a hundred times, he still would not dare to help him pursue her.

Hence, he patted the butler’s shoulder, walked around him, and left.

The butler was momentarily dazed, and when he recovered, his young master was already gone. With that, he could only return to the car, start the engine, and leave.

Along the way, the butler’s expression darkened.

There was still nobody who was being held responsible after hurting him.

This woman turned out to be Chi Yang’s fiance, so how could he take revenge on her?

It was easy to kill her or maim her, but with Chi Yang as her guardian, could he hope to escape after committing these deeds?

Therefore, his arm was hurt for nothing.


The butler was so angry that he did not return to his senses until he hit someone.

He quickly stopped the car and went out to check the situation. Immediately, he saw that the person he hit had already stood up, so he knew that she was definitely alright.

He was just about to give her a scolding and tell her to keep her eyes on the road, but then he saw that among the textbooks scattered on the ground, there happened to be a page with a female doll drawn on it. She had already drawn over the female doll with a pen to the point of no recognition, and there was a bold line of words beside it that said, “Zhong Nuannuan, go to hell, wench!”