My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 247

Chapter 247: A Eureka Moment

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The butler’s gaze darkened. He pretended not to see it, and quickly went to help the person who was knocked down.

At this moment, Wu Wenqian had already stood up with the support of another girl.

“Student, are you alright?”

Wu Wenqian was hit by someone, and she was initially fuming with anger, but when she saw that the approaching person was Young Master Leng’s butler, she immediately decided against acting brazenly.

“I I’m fine.”

“Take two steps quickly and see if there’s any problem with your bones.”

Wu Wenqian was originally from a poor family. She was only able to come to Jia Yong because of her good results, and was exempted from paying her tuition fees by Jia Yong.

“It’s okay, my bones are fine.”

“If you’re alright, that’s good, if you’re alright, that’s good!”

The butler smiled and helped Wu Wenqian pick up all her belongings, then placed them in his car.

Wu Wenqian was lost for words. She was going to class, why did he put her belongings in his car?

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Wu Wenqian was flattered. “No There’s no need for that, my bones are fine, so there’s no need to go to the hospital.”

“All of you young girls don’t pay proper attention to your health. Although there’s nothing wrong with your bones, you still have to go for a checkup anyway. Even if your soft tissues are injured, it’s still a big deal.”

After he said that, he helped Wu Wenqian into his car without any further discussion.

Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan were both dumbfounded. It was not until the car’s engine started that Wu Wenqian finally said, “Shanshan, please help me to request a leave of absence from the teacher.”


Wu Wenqian was brought away just like that.

Along the way, the butler used his cell phone to call someone.

“Is the matter resolved yet? What’s so troublesome about such a simple matter? Who allowed you to contact those thugs yourself? Are you living in ancient times? Don’t you know that everything can be solved using the Internet now? En Choutian, look for this website. The person in charge of this website is a hacker with a strong sense of responsibility and morality. He has loaded the website with a firewall program that not even the police can overcome. Not to mention, the IP addresses of those who enter the website will be automatically blocked. This website is just a third-party platform, which you can do many things and meet many people on. At the same time, there are also some titular organizations, ranging from small thugs who charge a few thousand dollars to killers who charge a few million dollars, all taking tasks on the platform. The website’s system originates from Sab, and not even the police are able to access their webpage. ….”

The butler was still talking, but Wu Wenqian could not hear him anymore. His words seemed to open a new chapter in her thoughts.

Yes, although Zhong Nuannuan had Young Master Leng as protection, there would always be a time when she was alone. As long as they could find someone to take care of her in the mountainous area…

Wu Wenqian felt happier the more she thought about it. She believed that with Zhong Qianqian’s strong hatred for Zhong Nuannuan, she would definitely be willing to do this.

The butler sent Wu Wenqian to the nearest hospital and accompanied her to check her feet. After ensuring that she was okay, he gave her another 20,000 dollars, telling her to buy delicious food as supplements, then personally sent her back to the school after.

Young Master Leng’s butler was notoriously fierce, but this time, he left a very good impression in Wu Wenqian’s heart.

After she returned, Wu Wenqian told Li Shanshan and Xue Miqi her thoughts.

“No! Although I also hate Zhong Nuannuan a lot, we’re still students. If this incident gets out, it won’t lead to something as simple as an expulsionwe’ll definitely enter the police station.”

“Li Shanshan, I already found out that you were wrong yesterday.”