My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Spoiled Rotten

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“When we come up with ideas on how to deal with Zhong Nuannuan, you were always watching from the side and never come up with a single idea. What do you mean? Do you mean to betray us?” Mue Miqi was very dissatisfied with Li Shanshan’s attitude.

Li Shanshan’s face flushed with anger.

“How could I betray all of you?”

“Wasn’t I scolded together with Qianqian? Besides, remember Qianqian’s bet, didn’t I also participate in it?”

“Then why are you stopping us? That woman is so detestable, I think that Qianqian’s suggestion is feasible! What’s the use of just asking her to apologize? Will the insults we suffered disappear just like that?”

Li Shanshan felt depressed. If she had not wanted to hook up with rich people through Zhong Qianqian, she would not want to be so close with such a foolhardy and domineering person like Xue Miqi.

“Xue Miqi, don’t forget that Zhong Nuannuan has the same parents as Qianqian. Whatever resources that Qianqian has, she has too! Moreover, she’s more powerful than Qianqian now, and she even has a high-ranking military officer as a fianc. If something really happens to her, will her fianc let us go?”

“It’s not like we’re the ones who will be dealing with her. What are you afraid of?”

“Whatever you do, you are sure to leave traces behind! What is impossible for the police to do might not necessarily be impossible for the commanders in the military base. Their special forces have strong investigative abilities. If they find us, let me ask you, what should we do then?”

Xue Miqi shot Li Shanshan a fierce glare. “So, you’re sure that you won’t be participating?”

“I didn’t say that I’m not participating, I just reckon that your approach won’t work.”

“Why didn’t you reckon that your looks wouldn’t work when you asked Qianqian to introduce a boyfriend to you?”


“Okay, stop arguing, you two! Miqi, although you’re right, we have to consider Shanshan’s advice as well. When Qianqian arrives tomorrow, we’ll plan this together.”

For Zhong Nuannuan, this was just a small episode that she had no knowledge of, and had yet to happen.

At this moment, she was walking around the mall, holding Chi Yang’s arm while bursting with happiness.

Earlier, Chi Yang took her to an apartment that was only a quarter hour’s walk from the school.

The apartment was about 130 square meters across, and contained two rooms and two living areas. Although its furniture had been arranged very neatly, at first glance, they appeared to have been placed randomly. On closer inspection, many items also seemed to be missing.

However, Zhong Nuannuan did not exploit Big Brother Chi Yang’s kindness. Taking advantage of the fact that both of were free, they decided to go to the mall to shop for more things.

In the future, whenever she would not go to the military base, as long as Chi Yang was free, this place would be their love nest.

Therefore, Zhong Nuannuan, who was usually extremely cautious, became extra serious when picking the items.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, do you think this color is good, or is this color better?”

Chi Yang stood to one side and stared at the two sets of bed sheets in Zhong Nuannuan’s hands. One set was dark gray, while the other was platinum. In short, both were gray.

Glancing at the pastel colors that she did not even consider, Chi Yang raised his brows slightly.

“Which one of these two colors do you prefer?”

Zhong Nuannuan looked at them carefully for a long while. “I think they both look good.”

“Then we’ll buy both of them.”

“The thing is, we’ve already bought three sets, and each set is either gray or blue. Will buying two more sets be too much?”

“No, their patterns are different. Even if they’re the same, you can buy it if you like it.”

The attendant’s eyes almost turned into hearts upon hearing Chi Yang’s answer.