My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Accompany My Partner

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Their brand could be said to be the top-of-the-line brand among bedding products, and one pillow could sell for seven or eight thousand dollars.

Therefore, sometimes they could not even sell two sets of their items in a day.

It was very rare to encounter such customers who could buy two sets without a second thought. The bonus was that This man was very handsome!

Just as Zhong Nuannuan was ready to say “Yes”, Chi Yang’s cell phone rang…

After taking a look at the caller ID, he saw that the call was coming from the military base. Chi Yang answered the phone and said his greetings.

“Director-General Chi, hello, this is Wang Gangyi.”

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang.”

Unlike ordinary people, who would be surprised and flattered whenever they received his phone call, Chi Yang only responded indifferently upon hearing the other party’s self-introduction.

Although he had heard of Commander-in-Chief Leng treating Chi Yang differently before, Wang Gangyi had held a high position for a long time, and he was used to the feeling of his subordinates flattering him. Thus, when he heard Chi Yang’s steady voice, he became slightly uncomfortable, and felt that this unperturbed voice was looking down on him.

Did this mean that this man was against becoming friends with him after hooking up with Leng Jinpeng?

Although he felt uncomfortable, he had still been a commander for a long time after all, and he would not show his emotions. With that, Wang Gangyi displayed his strong commander’s posture and said, “Director-General Chi, there’s a dinner at six o’clock tonight at Lijing Mansion’s Brocade Hall. Come and attend it with me.”

Chi Yang was puzzled.

The special forces team he belonged to was under the direct control of Leng Jinpeng, and he was not familiar with Wang Gangyi. Why did this person suddenly call him and ask him to participate in a dinner with a commanding tone?

After another glance at the caller ID, he was sure that this call was indeed from within the military base, and finally said, “I’m on leave today.”

Wang Gangyi was speechless. Soldiers almost obeyed their superiors unconditionally, so Wang Gangyi had already planned to hang up after the other party responded. However, such an unexpected reply caused him to become slightly confused.

“What did you say?” Wang Gangyi felt that he had probably heard wrongly.

“I’m on leave today, and I’m accompanying my partner at home, so I can’t participate in the dinner.”

Wang Gangyi was shocked! If the purpose of the call was not to invite Chi Yang out tonight, Wang Gangyi would have almost cursed out at him.

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, if there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now.”

When Wang Gangyi, who was still suppressing his anger, heard Chi Yang being so disrespectful, such that he even wanted to hang up on him, he exploded.

“Why, Director-General Chi, are you looking down on me?”

“You’re joking, Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but I want to be with my partner tonight.”

Chi Yang had already encountered many people like Wang Gangyi. Regardless of his answer, the opposing party would already have locked in their beliefs. Despite this, he felt that he had already spoken clearly enough. He wanted to be with his partner, and could a dinner be more important than him accompanying his partner?

Sure enough, people who did not operate on the same wavelength would not understand each other regardless of the amount of saliva used.

At this point, Wang Gangyi also felt that Chi Yang really did not know how to appreciate favors.

Was joining him for a dinner less important than accompanying his nuisance of a partner?

He wanted to reprimand Chi Yang, but recalled that Chi Yang had accomplished countless military merits without any background, and by virtue of his own strength. He had already become a captain at such a young age, and was only one rank lower than him, a person in his fifties. Therefore, when he thought of this, he swallowed his words.

Having held a high position for so many decades, he had learned that always leaving routes open was absolutely essential.