My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Dinner

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Chi Yang’s military rank was lower than him now, but he believed that in less than 20 years no, 10 years’ time, this person’s military rank may be equal to, or even higher than him.

Although a person like him had a stinky, hard, and unpleasant personality, he was not someone he could offend casually.

Thinking of this, Wang Gangyi suppressed his dissatisfaction, and said with a pleasant tone, “Oh, you can accompany your partner after you’re finished with the dinner.”

“Haven’t you been training the new special forces soldiers that were transferred from Qian District recently? I have a better idea here, let’s talk about them while eating tonight. Remember, it’s six o’clock tonight at Lijing Mansion’s Brocade Hall. Don’t stand me up!”

Although it was still not up to a small deputy commander-in-chief to interfere with the training of his new recruits, he saw that the other party must have had a reason in being so persistent, so Chi Yang asked, “Who’s the host?”

“Of course I’ll be the host. I’m inviting you for dinner, so how is it possible for you to be the host?” Wang Gangyi felt that this person from the farming district was very petty. He already reached the rank of director-general, yet he still cared so much about a small amount of money like this.

“Who else is joining?”

Wang Gangyi hesitated before saying, “There’s also an old classmate of mine, he is the Deputy Governor of Jiang District.”

Jiang District’s Deputy Governor…

Chi Yang thought for a while, then remembered that the name of the woman who was looking for trouble at the banquet the other day had the surname of Ou, and instantly understood the purpose of Wang Gangyi’s dinner.

“Okay, I’ll be there on time.”

“Okay, then I’ll see you tonight.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chi Yang hung up the phone.

Wang Gangyi was shocked!

This man!

He did not even understand basic manners.

He was still his superior, so although he was not directly managing him, he should at least have basic respect, right? How dare he hang up his phone first? This was just too arrogant!

However, in his heart, he felt inexplicably relieved. What was up with that?

Originally, he made the call with the intention of going in and controlling him, but after the call, he actually found himself nervous.

This was simply too strange.

“What’s the matter? Your deputy commander-in-chief forced you to participate in a dinner?”

Even so, the main point was that Chi Yang agreed to it.

Zhong Nuannuan felt that this deputy commander-in-chief was very pitiful. After knowing Chi Yang’s identity in the future, he would definitely cry when recalling how he had forced Chi Yang to join the dinner today.

Having said that, he deserved it. Who told him that senior officials could crush their underlings beneath their heels?

It was said that power was like a tree, with countless monkeys climbing up it. Looking upward, buttocks were everywhere, looking down, smiling faces were everywhere, and looking left and right, it was all eyes and ears.

She guessed that this deputy commander-in-chief felt that his military rank was higher, and that Chi Yang could therefore only smile at his buttocks, which was why he had forced him to participate in the dinner.

“Yes.” Chi Yang nodded and said, “Come with me to dinner at Lijing Mansion tonight. Wait for me in the private room, and I’ll come very soon.”

“He invited you to Lijing Mansion tonight?”


Zhong Nuannuan nodded without saying anything.

Chi Yang had business to do, and since he agreed to the dinner, it showed that he had a reason to go for this meal.

This was only a small episode for Zhong Nuannuan, and she casually turned to look at the attendant. “Help me wrap up these two sets.”

“Okay, please wait for a moment, I’ll help you to pack your items up.”

The attendant was packing the items at the counter when two women walked in. They saw the bed sheets held by the attendant, and one of the woman felt them with her hands. “Attendant, give me one of these four-piece sets. Forget it, give me these two sets.”