My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 251


The approaching visitor did not notice Zhong Nuannuan, but Zhong Nuannuan spotted them

Ou Mingxi.

“Sorry, miss, these two sets have already been booked by another customer. This style is a new product that we just launched this quarter, and there is only one set of each color. You can look at some other colors.”

“Booked? Have they paid?”

“Not yet, but they’re about to”

“Since they haven’t paid, then you can swipe my card now, isn’t everything on a first come, last serve basis? I swiped the card first, so this is mine now.”

“It turns out that there’s an expression that says ‘first come, last serve’. Sister Ou, I’ve learned something new from you.”

Hearing the sound, Ou Mingxi turned around to look, and her eyes instantly became glued to Chi Yang’s body, unable to look away.

Not only Ou Mingxi, even the eyes of the girl next to Ou Mingxi immediately fixed their gaze on Chi Yang’s body.

Zhong Nuannuan really wanted to put her Big Brother Chi Yang into her bag and not take him out.

Zhong Nuannuan felt slightly sad as she saw her baby being coveted by others.

She had never experienced a feeling like this in her previous life, and she was only feeling it now, in this life, at this moment.

This feeling was very uncomfortable, and it made her very angry. She could not help but want to march forward and dig out the eyes of those two women, then trample and spit on them.

“Chi Yang, it’s you. I didn’t know that you’re buying this, if I knew, I wouldn’t have fought for it.”

After saying this, Ou Mingxi looked at the attendant and said, “Help him to wrap these things up.”

From beginning to end, Zhong Nuannuan was totally ignored by Ou Mingxi.

“Sure.” When the attendant saw that these people knew each other and could thus avoid confrontation, she was relieved.

“Chi Yang, isn’t the military base busy today? Why are you shopping here?

Ou Mingxi walked to Chi Yang and acted as if she was familiar with him. Although something unpleasant happened during their first meeting, she thought that what she did at the banquet that day was enough to show her position.

Although she had some ambiguous affairs with Jiang Hongyang in the past, she had already abandoned those ambiguities in front of him and all the guests, and clearly drew a boundary between her and Jiang Hongyang, such that Chi Yang should have understood her intent.

Even so, regardless of age, family background or surroundings, she was more suitable for Chi Yang than Zhong Nuannuan, this lowly female student.

“Cousin, is this the director-general you mentioned?”

Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan had removed their military uniforms and school uniforms after returning to the apartment, so they were wearing casual clothes now. When she heard her cousin call for Chi Yang, the girl who was standing aside immediately recovered her composure, and an additional layer of pity was sprinkled on top of her gaze toward Chi Yang.

It was rare for her to fancy a man, but this man belonged to her cousin, so she could only hide her infatuation in the pits of her heart.

“Yes, he is Chi Yang, instructor of the special forces team. He already holds the rank of director-general at such a young age. Chi Yang, this is my cousin.”

Ou Mingxi did not hesitate to show off Chi Yang’s excellence in front of everyone, and even the attendant who was walking over could not help but stare longer at Chi Yang with hearts in her eyes.

This person turned out to be a soldier, so it is no wonder his posture was so tall and upright. Even though he was dressed casually, the sharp edges around him could not be hidden.

“Hello, my name is Feng Zitong, and my father is the director of Jiang District’s Education Ministry.”

Feng Zitong stretched out her hand.

However, Chi Yang did not even bother to look at it, instead acting as if he had not seen it.

The attendant saw that these three people had already started talking, and that the two women with backgrounds did not pay any attention to Zhong Nuannuan, so she became certain that Zhong Nuannuan did not have any background.